"It's stressful, it's intense, and I can't wait!"
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"It's stressful, it's intense, and I can't wait!" is the premier episode of Tumblr Survivor: Olympics. The episode begins on March 23rd, 2015 when the cast was released revealing 5 returning players brought back to play again, but all put on the Argos tribe together. The same day the Olympic Arena was revealed as one the season's twists.


Previously on Survivor: Before the Olympic anthem even began and the contenders were even introduced previous Tumblr Survivor winners: Casey, Nathan, Emma, Hanne, and Paige found themselves together in a chatroom. They were all quickly informed they would become the Sparta tribe, and that they were given an advantage in the game, and that was to come in unnoticed. As long as they didn’t rank the lowest in an immunity challenge they could go through the beginning of the Pre-merge unnoticed by their competitors. While Casey ate her cereal preparing for the game ahead of her Emma joined up with her in an alliance quickly getting Paige into the mix. While Emma thought it was a nice tight three, Casey grew impressed with Nathan (whom she referred to as Sanjaya) and found herself in between the numbers wanting to work with all the members on her tribe.

The next day the cast release came out, and all the returning players found themselves on the same tribe of five. An alliance quickly formed Jules, MJ, and Alf leaving Will and Ryan on the outs. Ego’s quickly came into play when the first twist of the season was announced. Volunteers were needed for the Olympic arena, which would offer advantages and a player individual immunity. Feeling the need for this Ryan was ready to volunteer, but every time he attempted Alf would cut him off and found himself the first returnee competitor in the arena where he won the first gold medal of the season giving him immunity for his first tribal council.

The newbies settled in well. On Megara an alliance of 3 quickly formed between Shannon, Pat, and Grace, but Mario (whom come into the game with quite a reputation) wasn’t exactly on the outs. He and Pat formed a bond over multiple discussions on what the best dipping sauce for chicken tenders are and was open with his tribe mates admitting he had a reputation for being a challenge dominator. Team Calcium (the name of the alliance between Shannon, Pat, and Grace) decided they believed in Mario’s talents and had no intention of voting him off if they went to tribal council.

On Corinth, Laura emerged as a leader figure giving her tribe encouragement during the challenges. When it was announced that if there was any alliance chats and the hosts should be added to them Laura panicked and asked Bran for alliance. Bran told Laura he wanted Owen to be in the alliance, and Laura being perceptive decided that wasn’t a good situation since it showed that Bran leaned more towards Owen. Laura felt comfortable with Hunter, and entertained the thought of working with Bran.

Athens wasn’t as cohesive as the other tribes. Ash stood out among fans as one of the most attractive player ever, but wasn’t the best socially. Jeremiah, even used his confessionals to tell a saga related story about how Ash has still never talked to him yet.

During the immunity challenge, due to lack of math skills and greediness the returning tribe that believed themselves to be invincible came in last place, which was pretty bad since unbeknownst to them they were competing against 4 tribes. MJ at first was happy to go to tribal, so they could get rid of Ryan. Ryan made the mistake of trusting MJ, who was quick to throw him under the bus to Alf and Will. With an easy 4-1 vote Ryan was the first player and first returnee to leave Tumblr Survivor: Olympics.

24 are left, who will be voted out tonight?



Dragon - a flash game where the mouse is used to shoot fireballs to thaw ice and collect fruit.  The more fruit collected the more points.  

Arena Challenge: Dragon
Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Nothing
Alf S20
Owen S20
Jeremiah S20
Pat S20


Sacrificial Lamb - Players were given items, that could be very helpful for the individual that receives them, but in order to win immunity the items must be sacrificed.  All the items had a point value, and when sacrificed the tribe as a whole would receive the points.  The tribe with the least amount of points will not win immunity.  No matter the winning team, everyone will get to keep their rewards/punishments.

Winner (according to finish): Corinth, Athens, Megara & Sparta

Immunity Challenge: Sacrifical Lamb
Placement Tribe
1st Branden S20Hunter S20Laura S20Miranda S20Owen S20
Branden, Hunter, Laura, Miranda & Owen
2nd Ash S20Brittany S20Jeremiah S20Logan S20Nic S20
Ash, Brittany, Jeremiah, Logan & Nic
3rd Grace S20Mario S20Pat S20Sami S20Shannon S20
Grace, Mario, Pat, Sami & Shannon
4th Casey S20Emma S20Hanne S20Nathan S20Paige S20
Casey, Emma, Hanne, Nathan & Paige
5th Alf S20Jules S20MJ S20Ryan S20Will S20
Alf, Jules, MJ, Ryan & Will

Olympics Challenge 1
Sparta 1

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #1: Argos Tribe
Ryan S20
Ryan Matthew (4 votes)
Alf S20Jules S20
MJ S20Will S20
Alf, Jules, MJ & Will
Will S20
Will Craig (1 vote)
Ryan S20
Ryan S20
Ryan Matthew

Voting Confessionals

Too many Ryans involved in this game. I’m not good enough to handle that.


I’m sorry but our personalities really don’t go together. It sucks to see you go first, but I think you leaving is going to make this more enjoyable for the rest of us.


It’s one of us, and hopefully it’s not me. :~)


If for whatever reason it ends up being me tonight instead of you, I’m sorry. I’m only doing what I think is best for this tribe moving forward, nothing personal obviously, I love talking to you.


Ryan, honestly it’s either you or me I think and I can’t vote for myself


Still in the Running

Argos Athens
Alf S20
Jules S20
MJ S20
Ryan S20
Will S20
Ash S20
Brittany S20
Jeremiah S20
Logan S20
Nic S20
Corinth Megara Sparta
Branden S20
Hunter S20
Laura S20
Miranda S20
Owen S20
Grace S20
Mario S20
Pat S20
Sami S20
Shannon S20
Casey S20
Emma S20
Hanne S20
Nathan S20
Paige S20