Aidhne 4
Adderly S7 contestantCalvin S7 contestantCole S7 contestant
Grace S7 contestantJessy S7 contestantJoseph S7 Contestant
Season Ireland
Founder Cole Kaminsky
Members Remained Loyal:
Cole Kaminsky (Day 1-67)
Grace Courtney (Day 2-67)
Adderly (Day ?-67)
Calvin Wade (Day 3-?)
Joseph Kendrick (Day 1-?)
Jessy Anson (Day 2-)
Day Formed Day 2
Enemies The Saboteurs
Lowest Placing Member Jessy Anson (11/20)
Highest Placing Member Adderly (Winner)

Aidhne 4 was a majority alliance formed during Tumblr Survivor: Ireland.


Aidhne 4 began when Cole Kaminsky and Joseph Kendrick added Jessy Anson and Grace Courtney to make a majority on Aidhne. Grace Courtney added Calvin Wade to the alliance when he first logged on and typed in the tribe chat so that way he couldn't join the other side. After tribe swap, Jessy Anson felt like she was on the outside so she went and made herself an alliance called The Saboteurs. That was when Grace Courtney's closest ally on Ulaid, Adderly joined the alliance like 100% (even though he was in it before). Adderly was part of the saboteurs and Aidhne 4 and flipped on the sabs after merge to vote out Masen Kuppler and ended the saboteurs. Everyone (Except Jessy) in the alliance made final 6 when Priscilla Diaz played an idol having Joseph Kendrick leave the game. Following that, Priscilla Diaz won immunity making Aidhne 4 vote out Calvin Wade.


  • Jessy Anson named the alliance Aidhne 5, then when she left it turned into Aidhne 4.
  • Even though Adderly was part of the alliance, he was never on Aidhne, and with him, the alliance was 5 people and not 4. The name just never changed.
  • The final 3 all came from this alliance.
  • At one point the 5 was called Flora Flora, but the name was never publicly declared and everyone just called the group Aidhne 4.