Andrew S8 contestant

Andrew S5 contestant

Andrew S4

Contestant Profile
Hometown South Carolina, United States American Flag
Occupation Student

Tumblr Survivor: Panama

Tribe(s) Casaya
► La Mina
Placement 16/24
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 36

Tumblr Survivor: Redemption Island

Tribe(s) Ngāpuhi
Placement 10/18
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 41

Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles

Tribe(s) Selwyn
Placement 6/16
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 39

Andrew was a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Panama,Tumblr Survivor: Redemption Island, and is currently a returning player in Sapphire Isles.

Tumblr Survivor: Panama

Andrew is best known for his balance in several areas of gameplay. In Season 4, he made a Final 3 Alliance with Ryan and Katie (which included an inactive player, Evelyn, in a Final 4). After a tribe swap, Andrew went to the new La Mina tribe with ally Ryan and many new faces. At their second tribal council, Andrew attempted to gather enough votes to get Hanne out of the game. Unfortunately, some shady players ended up blindsiding Andrew in a 4-3-2 vote that night.

Tumblr Survivor: Redemption Island

He played a much more aggressive game in Season 5, creating a majority alliance of 6 at the very beginning of the season. However, his alliance believed he had too much power and ended up voting him out at their third tribal council. He voted for Isolina that night, exhibiting his immense loyalty to his alliance. Andrew then went to Redemption Island, and won three duels in a row (eliminating Laura, Isolina, and Chris). In the last duel before the merge, Justin and Jake beat him and he left the game in 10th place. Andrew is a true survivor in his strategic gameplay, solid physical game, and skillful social game.

Voting History

Tumblr Survivor: Panama

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Casaya Tribe Immune
2 Basel -
3 Marissa -
4 Casaya Tribe Immune
5 Lauren -
6 La Mina Tribe Immune
7 La Mina Tribe Immune
8 Hanne Raymond, Kayla, Phil, Alex

Tumblr Survivor: Redemption Island

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Laura -
2 Meg -
3 Isolina Bradley, Isolina, Jake B, Justin,
Meg, Nicole, Owen
4 On Redemption Island
5 On Redemption Island
6 On Redemption Island
7 On Redemption Island
8 5th Eliminated

Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Selwyn Tribe Immune
2 Selwyn Tribe Immune
3 Greg -
4 Michelle;
5 Selwyn Tribe Immune
6 Emma -
7 Dylan;
8 Nicole Nicole
9 Jack -
10 Wan Foxx, Wan,
Jack, Jessica
Voted Off, Day 39
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Andrew is the first castaway in Tumblr Survivor history to win a duel at Redemption Island.
  • Andrew was the only first-time player from Season 4 to return to play in Season 5.
  • Andrew was the 9th person eliminated in the first two seasons he played in.

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