Tribe Profile
Season 'Galapagos'
Namesake Town in Galapagos
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Episode 12
Tribes Merged Floreana
Lowest Placing Member Amelia Stripey (12/24)
Highest Placing Member Emma Lee (Winner)
Ayora flag
Ayora Buff

Ayora is the merged tribe on Tumblr Survivor: Galapagos.


Alf S12 Amelia S12 Arun S12 Emma S12
Grace S12 Kev S12 Mary S12 Michelle S12
Rhea S12 Sarah S12 Sole S12 Yap S12


  • Both the tribe flag and buff were made by a contestant (Amelia and Mary, respectively) as part of challenges.
  • This is the first merged tribe to have more than one member (that is not a finalist) not be on the jury.
    • Arun and Kev were medically evacuated during the jury phase, and per the rules of the season were not allowed on the jury.

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