Bondoso Banner
Tribe Profile
Namesake Portuguese for Good
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Malvado
Tribe Status Merged with Malvado & Carvao
on Day 25
Challenge Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member Patricia Estavanik (19/20)
Highest Placing Member Jenna Tibby (1/20) Winner
Heroes Insignia

Bondoso is one of the competing tribes on Tumblr Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains II representing the Heroes.



Amelia S30Bridget S30Dom S30Gavin S30Hector S30
Jenna S30Jessica S30Logan S30Pat S30Patricia S30
  • Amelia Stripey, returning from Galapagos & Machu Picchu.
    • Amelia is known as a true fan favorite. In Galapagos, they fought thei way to merge every step of the way against majority alliances and big personalities. With their keen thinking and adorable personality, Amelia became someone everyone wanted to root for. Amelia is also known for being a loyal player who wants good to triumph over evil.
  • Bridget McGovern, returning from Machu Picchu & Riau Islands.
    • Bridget hails from Machu Pichu and Riau Islands. She is known for always having a smile on her face and some may even call her the “Sugar Kipper” of her past seasons. In the past she’s admitted to wanting “good people to win” and has often sided with her friends over strong potential in game allies. In her last season, she got backstabbed by one of her closest friends in the community and was completely blindsided just before the merge. Have Bridget’s eyes finally been opened or will she make the same mistake again?
  • Dom Reichenbach, returning from Matsu Islands & Machu Picchu.
    • Dom was part of one of the biggest known Hero alliances in Matsu Islands. For community members around for that season, everyone knew about the Matsu drama that was the battle between the Evil vs. Good alliances. Dom’s kind heart yet naive gameplay make him an amazing Hero.
  • Gavin Young, returning from Somalia.
    • In a season of chaos and backstabbing, Gavin took the role has a reliable ally. His social game could have got him to the end, but he fell just short. Let’s see if this guy can do it better this time!
  • Hector Ramos, returning from Kiwayu & Egypt.
    • Hector played in both Kiwayu and Egypt and his stories in both have had some strange parallels. In both Kiwayu and Egypt, he lost two of his main allies pre merge and was forced to try and come up with a plan to save himself. It got him pretty far in Kiwayu before his new allies realized how big of a jury threat he was and cut him. Egypt was a bit of a different story, when Hector was too busy touring the streets of New York to even be bothered to vote that round earning him 10th place. Will this third time finally be a charm for Hector?
  • Jenna Tibby, returning from Egypt.
    • In Egypt, Jenna was voted out with what many would call a “treasure chest” in her back pocket. She possessed a Saaphire and regular idol as well as a vote doubler and in what many would consider a naive move, she chose to play none of them at final 7 and instead place her trust in a smug ally, resulting in her torch being snuffed and leaving her with several “what ifs” and regrets.
  • Jessica Cole, returning from Redemption Island, Heroes vs. Villains, Sapphire Isles & Okinawa.
    • Jess was originally cast as a Villain in the first Heroes Vs. Villains season because of her lack of social gameplay and the sassy way she treated the jury and minority alliances in Redmption Island. However, since then Jess has become a quintisential hero. In Sapphire Isles Jess was an early target, and was almost voted out to be 10th place but played in the honor of Katie and took it to the end. She was one of two girls who made it to the merge, and when even her only other lady partner turned on her, Jess used the guys to her benefit. Then in Okinawa Jess made one of the clear moves that makes you a Hero in this community, go against Molly’s alliance. She fought on the side of the outcasts and targetted the big players, who were called “Molly’s Angels” while being anything but that.
  • Logan Ray, returning from Olympics.
    • Logan was the Golden Boy in Olympics and was a fan and jury favorite to win! He was a true underdog because of his original tribe, one of them hated everyone, the other had an actual life, one got screwed over by the winners, and the other wasn’t even a real person. Despite all of this, he made it almost to the end and would have been MJ’s biggest compeition to win. Will Princess Daisy finally become Queen?
  • Pat Smith, returning from Olympics & Riau Islands.
    • In Olympics, Pat was the Golden Boy who could do no wrong. He had an amazing alliance who talked about chicken nuggest and dipping sauces, they were together until the end. He even was beloved by Sami, who he told was leaving at their first tribal council. Who couldn’t love this sweetie? Well once merge hit, naive little Pat was tricked into turning on his alliance and was then blindsided. His honest and friendly ways stuck with him in Riau but cost his an early game.
  • Patricia Estavanik, returning from Ireland & Newfoundland.
    • Another community favorite joins the cast in the form of the ever popular, Mama E! In Ireland Mama E faced big personalities, alliances made up of literal families, twists named after a boy with stupid pink hair, and being on two tribes at once. This fierce Mama persevered with her good attitude all while putting people in their place. She came back to play Newfoundland with her son Jack and got the same placement. In this season she went up against Molly and her evil minions. There could not be a Heroes tribe without Mama E!


Bridget S30Gavin S30Jenn S30Jenna S30
Jessica S30Logan S30Mario S30Matt S30


Bridget S30Hector S30Matt S30
Pat S30Shelby S30