Cackling At The Elderly
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Season Tumblr Survivor: Generations
Episode Number 1/13
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Cackling At The Elderly is the premier episode of Tumblr Survivor: Generations. The episode begins on May 31, 2016 when the cast was released revealing 18 returning players brought back to represent Old, Middle, or New School era of Tumblr Survivor.



Immunity #1 - The three tribes had to compete in three separate events.

The first group from each tribe will be competing in a Sprint. Each tribe member will alternate counting from 1 to 200 in their tribe chat. They have to do this without messing up or anyone speaking during their sprint. If anything breaks their chain of correct numbers they will have to go back to the beginning. This is a timed challenge so we will start when the first person says “Go!” and the second person says “Finished!” You must alternate numbers, meaning someone cannot post two numbers in a row. The scoring will be based on the hosts’ computers.

The second group will be competing in a flash game called Casanova. This Tumblr Survivor classic is game where you earn points by making Giraffes kiss. You get more points for kissing more giraffes in a row and there are power ups as well. For the players competing in this, get the best score you can, write your name in the URL bar, make sure the time and date are visible, and post your screenshot to the #survivorgenerations tag on your blog.

The third group will be competing against each other with a Slide Puzzle. You need to put the pieces in their correct spots as quickly as you can. Your “scores” for this game will be how quickly you complete the puzzle. For the players competing in this, get the best score you can, write your name in the URL bar, make sure the time and date are visible, and post your screenshot to the #survivorgenerations tag on your blog.

Winner (according to finish): Māpū & Rūhau

Immunity Challenge: Obstacle Course
Placement Tribe
1st Andrew S40Brian S40Jeremy S40Kurt S40Liana S40Shareef S40
Andrew, Brian, Jeremy, Kurt, Liana & Shareef
2nd Austin S40Jake S40Jules S40Katie S40MJ S40Phil S40
Austin, Jake, Jules, Katie, MJ & Phil
3rd Bernel S40Joshua S40Monty S40Nathan S40Sole S40Trevor S40
Bernel, Joshua, Monty, Nathan, Sole & Trevor
Generations Imm 1 Scores
A mistake was made when calculating the scores, therefore Pakari only earned 5 points, Rūhau earned 6 points, and Māpū earned 7 points.

Retirement Home

The Rūhau tribe selected Jeremy Denis and Monty Peck to go to the Retirement home. After the score correction, the Pakari tribe selected Jake to go to the Retirement Home as well.

Retirement Home
Monty S40
Jeremy S40
Jake S40

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #1: Pakari Tribe
Bernel S40
Bernel (5 votes)
Joshua S40Monty S40Nathan S40
Sole S40Trevor S40
Joshua, Monty, Nathan, Sole & Trevor
Trevor S40
Trevor (1 vote)
Bernel S40
Bernel S40
Bernel Xavier

Voting Confessionals

Dude I really like you a lot and this sucks but I’m just going with what the tribe wants.


I’m so sorry dear, I really adore you. But you are the only name I’ve heard tonight so this is what I’m gonna do because it’s either you or me. Hopefully we can be friends.


I’ve got enough mess on my own


this is an “at least it’s not me vote”. Unless it is me.


better you than me sorry bro


Still in the Running

Māpū Pakari Rūhau
Andrew S40
Brian S40
Jeremy S40
Bernel S40
Joshua S40
Monty S40
Austin S40
Jake S40
Jules S40
Kurt S40
Liana S40
Shareef S40
Nathan S40
Sole S40
Trevor S40
Katie S40
MJ S40
Phil S40