Season 1 Challenges

Episode Game Type Winner(s)
1 Paper Toss Immunity Katie
2 Cookie Challenge Immunity Brennah
3 Helicopter Game Immunity Katie
4 Rock, Paper, Scissors Immunity Chris P
5 Classic Snake Game Immunity Anna
6 Speed and Accuracy Immunity Chris
7 Spear Toss Tie-Breaker Katie
8 Survivor Quiz Immunity Anna
9 Sunflower Puzzle Immunity Chris
10 Quiz
Hardest Game Ever
Finger Frenzy
Immunity Anna

Season 2 Challenges

Episode Game Type Winner(s)
1 Helicopter Game Immunity Galu
2 Winter Bells Immunity Foa Foa
3 Avalanche Game Immunity Foa Foa
4 Cube Field Immunity Jason
5 Cookie Challenge Immunity Brennah
6 Paper Toss Immunity Jack
7 Classic Snake Game Immunity Jason
8 Survivor Trivia Immunity Amanda
9 Hardest Game Ever Immunity Jason
10 Tetris'd Immunity Jason
11 Unknown Immunity Amanda

Season 3 Challenges

Episode Game Type Winner(s)
1 Helicopter Game Immunity Timbira
2 Winter Bells Immunity Jalapao
3 Asteroids Immunity Timbira
4 Robot Unicorn Attack Immunity Jalapao
5 Avalanche Game Immunity Timbira
6 Tetris Immunity Timbira
7 Bubble Game Immunity Jalapao
Spear Toss Reward Lacey
8 Data Worm Immunity Jalapao
9 Snake Game Immunity Sarah
10 Survivor Trivia Immunity Anna
11 Cookie Challenge Immunity Lacey
12 Paper Toss Immunity Lacey
13 Touchy Subjects Immunity Samantha
14 QWOP Immunity Lacey
15 Helicopter Game Immunity Caleb
16 World's Hardest Game Immunity Anna
17 Survivor Trivia Immunity Anna

Season 4 Challenges

Episode Game Type Winner(s)
1 Tetris Immunity Viveros
2 Doodle Jump Immunity Viveros
La Mina
Player Identification Reward Andrew
3 Running Wizard Immunity Viveros
La Mina
4 Island Runner Immunity Viveros
La Mina
Name That Season Reward Andrew
5 Snake Game Immunity Casaya
Cookie Challenge Reward Katie
6 Bubble Spinner 2 Immunity La Mina
Ragdoll Avalanche Reward Adam
7 Falling Blocks Immunity La Mina
SnakeBox Reward Unkown
8 Bubble Pop Immunity Adam
9 Winter Bells Immunity La Mina
Survivor Trivia Reward Jack
10 Sandwich Stacker Reward Adam
11 Pak Rat Immunity Adam
Survivor Trivia Reward Benji
12 Touchy Subjects Immunity Wes
Bump Copter Reward Wes
13 Survivor Trivia Immunity Benji
Bauns Reward Wes
14 Helicopter Game Immunity Wes
Survivor Trivia Reward Benji
15 Tetris
Survivor Trivia
Cookie Game
Immunity Wes
Man in Gap Reward Casey
16 Fallen Comrades Immunity Casey
Challenge Accepted Game Immunity Casey

Season 5 Challenges

Episode Game Type Winner(s)
1 Helicopter Game Immunity Tainui
2 Snake Game Immunity Tainui
3 Asteroids Immunity Tainui
4 Tetris Immunity Tainui
Cow Game Redemption Andrew
Curveball Tie-Breaker Bradley
5 Carrot Immunity Tainui
Dozen Redemption Andrew
Survivor Trivia Reward Jessica
Puzzle Reward Jessica
6 Falling Blocks Immunity Ngapuhi
7 Avalanche Immunity Austin
Glass Blocks Redemption Justin
8 Island Runner Immunity Justin
9 Puzzle Immunity JaeMin
10 Touchy Subjects Immunity Nicole
11 Challeng Accepted Immunity Jenn
Tracer Redemption Justin
12 Survivor Logic Quiz Immunity Jenn
Cats Redemption Justin
Jake B
13 Winter Bells Immunity Jenn
Multitask Redemption Justin
14 Color Balls Immunity Jenn
Fire Starter Tie-Breaker JaeMin
15 Fallen Comrades Immunity Jessica
Hold The Button

Season 6 Challenges

Episode Game Type Winner(s)
1 Spear Toss Reward Justin
Winter Bells Immunity Villains
2 Flappy Bird Reward Wes
Robot Unicorn Attack Immunity Villains
3 Puzzle Reward Casey
Asteroids Immunity Heroes
4 Filler Reward Wes
Island Runner Immunity Heroes
5 Bubble Game Immunity Wes
6 Curve Ball Reward Wes
Kitten Cannon Immunity Heroes
7 Jeopardy Immunity Yin
8 SnakeBox Reward Wes
Fire Starter Immunity Yin
9 Running Wizard Immunity Wes
10 Tetris Immunity Wes
11 Touchy Subjects Immunity Casey
12 Cookie Challenge Immunity Kellan
13 Sporcle Trivia Immunity Jake B
14 QWOP Immunity JaeMin
15 Multitask Immunity Jake B
16 Click Play Immunity TBA

Season 7 Challenges

Episode Game Type Winner(s)
1 Kitten Cannon Immunity Ulaid
2 Gimme Dem Notes Immunity Eblani
3 Bauns Immunity Ulaid
4 Winter Bells Immunity CJ & Grace
David & Joseph
CJ & Katy
Jessy & Jules
Grace & Will
5 Who In Da Hell? Immunity Eblani
6 Tetris Immunity Aidhne
7 Falling Blocks Immunity Aidhne
8 Flappy Bird Immunity Ulaid
9 Cookie Game Immunity Cole
10 Robot Unicorn Attack Immunity Grace
11 Snake Game Immunity

Season 8 Challenges

1 Meerca Chase II Immunity Selwyn
2 Castaway Quiz Immunity Selwyn
3 2048 Immunity TBA

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