Chris Stoner

Chris Castaway S61

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Chris S29

Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 3
Total Number of Days 126


Tribe(s) Punakha
Placement Runner-Up (2/18)
Challenge(s) Won 11
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 53

'Great Lakes'

Tribe(s) Wyandot
Placement Sole Survivor (1/21)
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 53


Tribe(s) Málaga
► Granada
► Sevilla
Placement 12/22
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 20

Chris Stoner is a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Andalucía, the Runner Up from Tumblr Survivor: Bhutan, and the Winner of Tumblr Survivor: Great Lakes.

Tumblr Survivor: Bhutan


Age: 19
Current Residence: Maryland
Occupation: Psychology & Sign Language college student
Personal Claim to Fame: I’ve had sex with 3 of my mom's friends so I guess that's cool
Inspiration in Life: Parents
Hobbies: Fishing, camping, partying, sports
Pet peeves: People who don't understand when people aren't interested in what they're talking about. People who hold grudges.
3 words to describe you: Charming, Persuasive, and Confident
3 things I would bring: oh god beer, weed, and chewing tobacco, easy lol
Survivor I am most like: eh im honestly not sure
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: well Ive played a lot of online survivors and do good a lot and I was recommended to play this tumbler game so we'll see how it goes.
Why You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: People have a tendency to like me. I come off as a douchebag but people still like me, cause they get to know the real me. Yeah, I am not your typical online person. I like to get drunk, get high, and fuck a lot. Most people online that I have met social anxiety and that's simply not me. I’m charming, sociable and am a magnet for people. I’m also strategic and very smart. I can analyze and calculate ahead of the game and make sure every move benefits myself.
Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I’m muthafucking Chris Stoner

Tumblr Survivor: Great Lakes

Voting History

Tumblr Survivor: Bhutan

Chris Stoner's Voting History
Episode Chris Stoner's
Voted Against
Chris Stoner
1 Punakha Tribe Immune
2 Punakha Tribe Immune
3 Austin -
4 Punakha Tribe Immune
5 Ash -
6 Ari Individual Immunity
7 Punakha Tribe Immune
8 Austin;
Jevvon -
9 Alex Individual Immunity
10 Jon(x2) -
11 Steph -
12 Will Will
13 Jay Austin, Houston
14 Austin;
Houston Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Chris
Jay, Steph
Runner-Up, Day 53
1. As part of the Karma Island twist, all players voted for one of the contestants eliminated pre-merge to return to the game as a full member of the Lunana tribe.

Tumblr Survivor: Andalucía

Voting History

Chris Stoner's Voting History
Episode Chris Stoner's
Voted Against
Chris Stoner
1 Jake -
2 TBA -
3 TBA ToT Immunity
4 TBA -
5 Willa -
6 Exiled
7 Granada Tribe Immune
8 Issy -
9 Jordan P., Jordan P. Jordan P., TBA, TBA,
Voted Off, Day 20
Voted for
Sole Survivor
Preceded by
Alexis Lynch
Sole Survivor Titleholder
Great Lakes
Succeeded by

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