With the departure of Owen, it became clear that Jessica and Jack had no loyalties to the other returning players.  They quickly set their sights on Andrew, Owen's core alliance member, as their next target. To weaken his chances of winning immunity they sent to him to Exile Island, where there was no more hidden immunity idols to be found.

Foxx, though comfortable with his new final four alliance, had his sights on winning garunteed safety. Not really caring who won immunity as long as it stayed in the alliance the group shared their scores with each other and Foxx admitted to having a low score but proved himself to be kind of untrustworthy when the scores were published and he won individual immunity for the second time in a row. To add salt to the wound he took to the tag to brag about how he could maybe be the next Tom Westman. Perceiving him as an immunity threat, Jack quickly began to plot against him.

Back from Exile and feeling kind of lost without a strong alliance Andrew tried to talk to a few people, but the Pre-Merge / Merge episode Andrew everyone wanted to work with before was shunned as he and Mikey threw their voted away on Wan and Andrew was voted out becoming the fourth member of the jury. Luckily Jack didn't post any blindside gifs: Andrew's biggest fear.

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