Elliott Allums

Elliott S57 Contestant

Elliott s46


Elliot S17 contestant

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Seasons Competed 4
Total Number of Days 102
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Blog survivortenochtitlan
Tag someonecallthewhambluance
Player Profile

Bonin Islands

Tribe(s) Mizu
► Chikyu
Placement 21/21
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 11

'Riau Islands'

Tribe(s) Bintan
► Karimun
Ratu Nia
Placement 11/22
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 19
Day(s) Lasted 33


Tribe(s) Hasti
► Mastiska
Placement 6/18
Challenge(s) Won 8
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 39

'Challengers Vs. Champions'

Tribe(s) Dravuni
► Yasawa
► Qamea
Placement 13/20
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 19

Elliott Allums is a contestant on Bonin Islands, Riau Islands, Bangladesh & Challengers Vs. Champions.    

Tumblr Survivor: Bonin Islands


Hobbies: Yoga, Color Guard, watching reality competition shows
Pet Peeves: Sloppy game-play
Favorite Color: Chartreuse
Favorite Board/Card Game: Triple Triad
3 Words: Competitive, Free Agent, Houseguest
Unknown fact: I can speak Russian
Favorite Season: Micronesia; Black Widow Brigade was best alliance of any show
Why did you decide to play: I wanted to become part of the community and see how well I would do

Voting History

Elliott Allums's Voting History
Episode Elliot's
Voted Against
0 Nick -
1 Chikyu Tribe Immune
2 David David, Joshua, Jules,
Marko & Torsa
Voted Off, Day 11

Tumblr Survivor: Riau Islands


Age: 26
Hobbies: Colorguard, yoga, reality television, neuroscience 
Pet peeves:  People who back down when confronted
3 words to describe you:  Competitive, Intelligent, Capable
1 thing not many people know: I'm currently a graduate student
3 things I would bring:  Comfy hoodie, Nook, Notebook
Favourite season: Micronesia or China, hopefully Second Chances
Survivor I am most like: Todd Herzog
Reason for playing: To get a sense of closure that I did not get in Bonin Islands.

Voting History

Elliott Allums' Voting History
Episode Elliott Allums'
Voted Against
Elliott Allums
1 Bintan Tribe Immune
2 Fran -
3 Bintan Tribe Immune
4 Owen -
5 Connor Fran, Josh
6 Karimun Tribe Immune
7 Carly Bridget, Carly,
Catherine, David, Josh,
Priscilla, Shannon
Voted Off, Day 19
8 On Redemption Island
Returned, Day 25
10 Sami
11 Erin;
Erin, Lydia,
Priscilla, Sami, Teddy;
Carly, Lydia,
Priscilla, Sami, Teddy
Voted Off, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor: Bangladesh

Voting History

Elliott Allums' Voting History
Episode Elliott Allums'
Voted Against
Elliott Allums
1 Hasti Tribe Immune
2 Hasti Tribe Immune
3 Hasti Tribe Immune
4 Sid -
5 Mastiska Tribe Immune
6 Stephanie -
7 Joe -
8 Ariel Individual Immunity
9 Ned -
Stephanie -
10 Sarah -
11 Stephanie Eddie, Joe,
Rob, Stephanie
Voted Off, Day 39
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor: Challengers Vs. Champions

Voting History

Carson's Voting History
Episode Elliott Allums
Voted Against
Elliott Allums
1 Dravuni Tribe Immune
2 Dravuni Tribe Immune
3 Adam -
4 Yasawa Tribe Immune
5 Adam Kait, Molly, Simon
6 Ting Ting Lexi, Ting Ting
7 Qamea Tribe Immune
8 Lexi Callie, Lexi, Ting Ting
Voted Off, Day 19
Voted for
Sole Survivor