Season Tumblr Survivor: Tonga
'Members Remained Loyal:
Shareef (Day 19-51)
L'Shei (Day 19-51)
Sid (Day 11-28)
Max (Day 11-44)
Isaiah C (Day 11-18)
Day Formed Day 18
Enemies Mitch
Samantha G
Lowest Placing Member L'Shei (2/16)
Highest Placing Member Shareef (1/16)

Fembots was an alliance on Tumblr Survivor: Tonga.


Named after the most iconic alliance in Big Brother Canada. After playing a Big Brother Org together the two reunited on Exile Island on Day 18. Already drafted into the Exile Alliance formed by Shareef and Isaiah C a week earlier, the two spilled the T on what was happening on their respective tribes. At the merge the two continued to work with the Exile Alliance but after sniffing out that their alliance member Sid was planning on turning on them, the two reneged and voted him out before he was able to do the same. The two remained loyal to each other going all the way to the final 2 where Shareef won unanimously against his ally who had pissed off the jury for being too fabulous and strategic and stuff.