The final 4 immunity challenge let the remaining players have a taste of what the jury house was thinking about them as they were given opinions and had to figure out which jury member said it. Once again all the negative comments were aimed at Jack for his callous way of playing the game while Jessica only recieved glowing reviews.

On a Skype call totally unrelated to the game, Wes, the Captain America of Tumblr Survivor told Jessica there was no way Jack would take her to final 2 over Mikey who had no chance of getting jury votes. Questioning her core alliance's loyalty, Jessica began plotting to get rid of Jack.

Jessica scored a perfect score on the jury member immunity challenge, but had some competition as Wan got the same score. The two faced off in a tie breaker challenge (Neopets: Ice Cream Machine) where Jessica felt 100% confident since this particular flash game was her favorite. Wan, perhaps inspired by what Foxx did during his last successful tribal council, failed to tell her how good he was at the game and bear her by a nice sizable score.

Meanwhile, since Jefra Probst is friggen hilarious and not a hack with bad survivor references, put a very hard calculas problem in the tag and said the one who got the answer right would win a google image picture of a Mustang Convertible. Mikey was the only one who sent in an answer (his answer wa 0 for all I know it could be right. I never bothered looking up the answer) so he automatically won.

With no immunity, Jessica had no choice but to trust her alliance with Jack and voted Mikey. Thinking he would be safe since Jack's idol play protected him last tribal council Mikey voted for Jessica hoping someone else would join him, but Wan voted for Jack while the sloppy seconds alliance of Jack and Jessica voted Mikey out of the game. It's okay though, the person who wins the car isn't allowed to win the game of Survivor anyway.

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