Foxes are Cunning
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Season 'Sapphire Isles'
Episode Number 1/12
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Foxes are Cunning is the premier episode of Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles.


Sapphire Isles started out with a bang as the cast was divided into two tribes by gender.  Selwyn being a tribe of all males, and Galladon a tribe of all females, but what the cast mates didn't know was Danielle was really Danny planning on using his deception to go with either tribe come twist or merge.  Exile Island's presence in this game couldn't be ignored as the first order of business was each tribe voting to send one of their own to Exile.  Jack and Emma were told to pack their bags and be completely excluded from their tribe mates, but both had hopes of getting the Hidden Immunity idol.  

Jack, perhaps fully accepting his villain title convinced his tribe he would go to get information out of the female who would be joining him, but his only goal was getting the idol.   He pitched the idea of an Exile alliance to Emma, who accepted the idea though she had no intention of being played.  Despite declaring that she distrusted Jack she shared her hidden immunity idol clue with him, sending him on a wild day long chase through Tumblr space.  After a few crazed rants about how the Pokemon Moltres stole his idol Emma, who couldn't decipher the clues, suggested he try a different strategy.  Finally on his last day of Exile, Jack found not only his idol but Emma's (after he thought he could take it for himself).  After much debate he finally gave Emma the location of her idol meaning both of them returned to camp with an idol in their pocket.  Wanting to cause a little bit of chaos Jack used his time on Exile to fashion a fake idol to put in the real idol's place.

Before going to Exile Jack, Owen, Greg, Foxx, and Dylan created the 5 O'Clock Shadow alliance, which planned on getting rid of Wan (due to his time zone differences), Micheal, and returning player Andrew, but the alliance was on shaky ground from the second it began.  Owen had no intention on turning on his former season 5 buddy Andrew and made a 2 person alliance with him.  Foxx, thinking the 5 O'Clock Shadow alliance was secure declared that everything was fine because Fox's were cunning and opportunistic, but what he didn't know was Andrew was the real fox of the tribe.  With Jack gone he managed to get in everyone's ear and make everyone uncomfortable with the idea of aligning with him instead of the 6 time player.

Meanwhile at Galladon a quick division began as the new players*: Violet, Danielle, Maria, and Michelle created a newbie alliance in order to not be taken advantage of by the returning players.  Nicole (thinking she was on the outside) and new player Emma felt more comfortable with Katie and Jessica therefore forming their own alliance. At the immunity challenge Selwyn claimed the first victory of the season sending Galladon to tribal council.  Before the vote the alliance of new players told Violet that the returning player alliance would target her first for having such a bad score, and instead of working with the newbies and forcing a tie at tribal Violet decided to plea her case to the returnees and target shady Danielle after revealing that the newbies were planning on voting Katie out.  Before the players could start submitting their votes Violet had a slip up to the host and admitted that not only she was a he but that he was in fact Masean from Tumblr Survivor Ireland (the host of this season's former cast mate).  Pre-game the hosts of both seasons had agreed that players from season 7 weren't allowed to compete in Sapphire Isles, so Laure had no choice but to remove Violet from the game.  To be fair to Galladon and not unfairly put them at a disadvantage the host declared the first tribal of the season would be canceled and that Katie and Foxx (the highest scorers on the immunity challenge for their tribes) would be deciding the next Exiles.

Emma was sent to Exile again, due to paranoia over the idol while Micheal was sent to join her due to his score in the challenge.  No one attempted to look for the idol since Emma already had it and Micheal was new to using Tumblr.

In the Selwyn tribe alliances already became shaky when Greg, Dylan, and Foxx had enough of Jack and decided to create their own alliance with a plan to use Wan and Micheal to dethrone the five time player.  Five O'Clock Shadow seemed completely dead as Owen still had every intention of hardcore aligning with Andrew who wasn't apart of neither alliance despite the fact that Owen was the only one who knew of Jack's idol.  Knowing that the idol could be out there though the new alliance already planned to split the votes if they'd ever lose Immunity.

Jack, however, proved himself to be an asset to his tribe as the Immunity Challenge (which relied on knowing information from player's applications) ended in a tie and he went against Danielle in a Survivor Trivia Contest winning with Immunity for his tribe with a score of 3-0.

In Galladon with tribal council looming lines were drawn in the sand.  New players vs old players, with new player Emma right in the middle.  Feeling more comfortable with the veterans Emma stuck with them and they all put their votes on Danny / Danielle (whom Emma knew from a previous Big Brother game).  The new players wanting Katie out previously all changed their minds when they took into consideration how well she did on the first challenge and put their votes on Nicole.  Maria, however, seemed to know it was a lost cause and decided to put a single vote on Emma.

Danielle became the first player voted out of the game.


Tribal Immunity

Winner: Selwyn

Immunity Challenge:
Finish Tribe Participants
Won Selwyn Andrew S8Dylan S8Foxx S8Greg S8Jack S8Mikey S8Owen S8Wan S8
Andrew, Dylan, Foxx, Greg, Jack, Mikey, Owen & Wan
Lost Galladon Danielle S8Emma S8Jessica S8Katie S4Maria S8Michelle S8Nicole S8Violet S8
Danielle, Emma, Jessica, Katie, Maria, Michelle, Nicole & Violet

Tribal Immunity

Winner: Selwyn

Immunity Challenge:
Finish Tribe Participants Sitting Out
Won Selwyn Andrew S8Dylan S8Foxx S8Greg S8Jack S8Mikey S8Owen S8Wan S8
Andrew, Dylan, Foxx, Greg, Jack, Mikey, Owen & Wan
Lost Galladon Danielle S8Emma S8Jessica S8Katie S4Maria S8Michelle S8Nicole S8
Danielle, Emma, Jessica, Katie, Maria, Michelle & Nicole

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Danielle S8
Danielle (4 votes)
Emma S8Jessica S8Katie S4Nicole S8
Emma, Jessica, Katie & Nicole
Nicole S8
Nicole (2 votes)
Danielle S8Michelle S8
Danielle & Michelle
Emma S8
Emma (1 vote)
Maria S8
Voted Out
Danielle S8

Voting Confessionals

You might flip on us because you know people on the other tribe. Sorry girl


sorry i love ya but youre playing too hard too fast especially when you made it seem like a whole “us vs them” thing.


Gurl you got to go.


Sorry :(


you're playing too hard too soon. Bye.


You're closer to finding the idol than the rest of us.


Still In The Running

Danielle S8 bw
Emma S8
Jessica S8
Katie S4
Maria S8
Michelle S8
Nicole S8
Violet S8 bw
Andrew S8
Dylan S8
Foxx S8
Greg S8
Jack S8
Mikey S8
Owen S8
Wan S8