Gargoyles and Medusa
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Season 'Sapphire Isles'
Episode Number 4/12
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Gargoyles and Medusa is the fifth episode of Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles.


After Jessica's bold statement that she had an immunity idol and would be using it no matter what if they were going to tribal, Galladon got into high gear to grab the win.  The challenge was Before and After, where the contestants were given a series of actions and quotes from their tribe chats and were told name if the action happened before or after a certain event.

Before the challenge was announced players were off put when Exile Island was not in play during the immunity challenge.  At first they thought the merge was coming, but they were wrong it was just another small twist.  Exile Island was put into play after the immunity challenge, the highest scorer on the quiz would have the power to send someone from the losing tribe to Exile, taking away that person's vote but also giving them safety.  Concerned that Jessica would be sent to Exile, or left to play her idol Nicole quickly tried to figure the situation out with her former alley, but when she stepped up during the immunity challenge and got 60 points all the worry was unnecessary as Galladon won immunity.  With much help from Dylan and Foxx who wanted to 'neutralize' Jack's idol, if he indeed had it,  Nicole made what many called the stupidest decision of the game by sending Jack to Exile.  Quite a foolish decision for it was obvious by Selwyn's last votes Emma was on the outside and could have possibly flipped, but not sending her to Exile signed her death warrant.

It's still unknown as to how Dylan, Foxx (The Gargoyles), and Nicole (Medusa) assumed Jack had an idol for his own alliance wasn't even aware of the idol.  He didn't even tell his group that Jessica had the idol, but instead of speculating about it, Andrew took action.  Winning a letter reward from the immunity challenge he decided to use the #ExileIsle tag to his advantage.  He told Jessica to post how excited she was to win immunity if she indeed had the idol.  Ready to adopt the returnees of Selwyn as her new alliance Jessica did as asked making every player aware of her idol.

Pulling out any remaining tricks she could Emma tried to convince Andrew and Owen that she would be loyal to them, her and Owen even made a final 2 deal, but it was all just lies.  Despite being quiet and inactive Mikey was too loyal for the 'Mentagon' alliance to sacrifice, so Emma was the 5th player voted out of the game, but not before sending the entire script of Bee Movie to the host's inbox.


Tribal Immunity

Winner: Galladon

Immunity Challenge:
Finish Tribe Participants
Won Galladon Dylan S8Foxx S8Jessica S8Nicole S8Wan S8
Dylan, Foxx, Jessica, Nicole & Wan
Lost Selwyn Andrew S8Emma S8Jack S8Mikey S8Owen S8
Andrew, Emma, Jack, Mikey & Owen

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Emma S8
Emma (3 votes)
Andrew S8Mikey S8Owen S8
Andrew, Mikey & Owen
Mikey S8
Mikey (1 vote)
Emma S8
Voted Out
Emma S8

Voting Confessionals

Jack: I'm sorry but this ship has sailed


Emma: Blindsides are always fun and exciting.


Michelle: I feel really bad and I wish I didn't have to vote any of you out and I'm just really sorry </3


Michelle: SorrTy


Still In The Running

Danielle S8 bw
Emma S8
Jessica S8
Katie S4
Maria S8 bw
Michelle S8 bw
Nicole S8
Violet S8 bw
Andrew S8
Dylan S8
Foxx S8
Greg S8 bw
Jack S8
Mikey S8
Owen S8
Wan S8