Shareef S40Jake S40
Season Tumblr Survivor: Generations
Members Remained Loyal:
Shareef (Day 8-34)
Jake (Day 8-34)
Day Formed Day 8
Enemies Everyone
Lowest Placing Member Jake (2/18)
Highest Placing Member Shareef (1/18)

Gay'Onka was an alliance on Tumblr Survivor: Generations.


Originally apart of an alliance with Katie and Kurt, Shareef and Jake formed an unbreakable final 2 after the horrific murders of their two allies. At the tribe swap the two switched alliances and came up with a strategy to navigate the game as secret allies with both of them publicly on opposing alliances. By doing so they were able to control the flow of information in the game and correctly navigate post merge by keeping both sides separate. Slowly but surely eliminating members of both alliances until they were the only two to remain. They did THAT.