Grace Courtney

Grace S15 contestant

Grace S12 contestant

Grace S7 contestant

Contestant Profile
Hometown United States American Flag
Seasons Competed 3
Total Number of Days 133


Tribe(s) Aidhne
► Eblani
Placement (2/20)
Challenge(s) Won 9
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 61


Tribe(s) Floreana
Placement 6/24
Challenge(s) Won 8
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 51

Matsu Islands

Tribe(s) Nangan
Placement 17/22
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 21

Grace was the Runner-Up on Tumblr Survivor: Ireland and also competed in Tumblr Survivor: Galapagos and Tumblr Survivor: Matsu Islands. She was a host for Tumblr Survivor: Machu Picchu and Tumblr Survivor: Aeolian Islands.

Tumblr Survivor: Ireland

Grace started off in the majority alliance on both of her tribes. She was one of the original members of Aidhne 4, and the majority alliance on Ulaid. Grace had a pretty easy job through premerge, which was to vote with the alliances. This ended when Calvin Wade wanted to vote out Grace's friend Richard Andrassy 10 minutes before the votes were due. Grace figured it was better for her game to keep Richard on Ulaid rather than Aidhne and voted out one of her closest allies, ruining her friendship outside of the game with him.

Meanwhile, while Grace voted out her ally on Aidhne, Laure Winter was trying to get people to eventually vote Grace out because her loyalty was obviously to Aidhne (THAT CHALLENGE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT THOUGH). Luckilly, Jules Weisman decided to blindside her close ally so Grace was saved after all (Thanks Jules). Unfortunately, after that, Jules Weisman flipped and took Richard Andrassy out of the game for good.

Once tribe swap happened, Grace was in trouble because she was put on a tribe with nobody she was close with. She made an alliance with The Saboteurs members David R and Patricia Estavanik just to get her through the vote where Lex Ripley was blindsided. After that she would've been next but they never lost again.

Once merge hit, Grace knew she was in trouble. Adderly had already told her about The Saboteurs (a secret alliance he was involved in), and that something needed to happen to stop them. Her "alliance" with David and Aidhne 4 were supposed to vote out Priscilla Diaz, and the other "alliance" were supposed to vote out Calvin Wade, because that was The Saboteurs plan. Grace doesn't play by the rules though, so she decided to combine forces with Jules Weisman and Priscilla Diaz to take out wild card Masen Kuppler while the rest of the saboteurs thought the original plan was still happening.

Throughout the rest of the game, Grace won individual immunities, and continued to get power back on her side like she once had at the beginning of the game. At the end, Grace was sitting with her two closest allies at that point Cole Kaminsky and Adderly in final tribal council. The majority of the jury either didn't seem to think Grace did much and she couldn't really explain all she did until she wrote this wiki, or were upset by how much she lied to everyone in this game. In the end, Grace lost to Adderly in a 6-2-1 vote, but that was okay with her because her ally winning was almost as great as her winning herself (Almost, love you Adderly <3).

Tumblr Survivor Galapagos

Grace started out returning for a second time as a member of the Floreana tribe. Automatically she wasn't liked due to her extremely close friendship with Adam Seitz and the whole tribe basically exiled her and Adam. Luckilly, they didn't realize that Grace and Dane Pitts were really close also and gave him enough info for Grace to know not to trust Floreana.

Once tribe swap hit, Grace was stuck on Floreana once again, but this time without Adam and Dane and instead the whole rest of the original Floreana tribe. Knowing that they all hated her, she made a final 3 with Alf Tuvik and William Yap and was planning to side with Pinzon at the first vote. That was until they all tried to vote her off and Alf and Yap told her to vote off Catherine Worrall. After that vote, Grace's "friend" Kev Castilla told her Joshua Soriano started the plan to vote her off and that he was left out so Grace got mad at Josh. Little did she know it was actually Kev who voted her out and not Josh, ruining Grace's trust for Kev.

Floreana won like almost every immunity challenge until the trivia challenge. Grace and Jake B decided to play it and throw it to get rid of Amelia Stripey. At that point, Grace had been getting really close to Jake, despite him hating her at the beginning of the season. However Grace had also been getting really close to Sole Malloy, who she was supposed to be deadly against. At the end she sided with Jake, and Sole played an idol saving Amelia and blindsiding Jake, with an idol.

At merge, Grace started playing the game more now that she wasn't chained down by old Floreana. Grace's strategy was basically to be in the middle of everything and play socially to get out. Her main plan was to flip at final 7 to take out Michelle S., Mary, or Alf Tuvik. At final 8, Grace and Yap talked to Kev Castilla to start planning the move when Kev got medivac'd, ruining Grace's plan completely, and the rest of her game, since they proceeded to blindside William Yap, leaving her alone at final 6.

At this point, Grace's only hope was that they voted out Alf Tuvik instead of her, which would've happened had he not bluffed an idol. Then Grace was hoping he would vote out Mary, so it would tie between Grace and Mary, Mary would leave. (Which would've happened had Alf not change his vote last minute to vote out Grace). Grace was voted out by a vote of 3-2-1, resulting in her demise, at 6th place.

Tumblr Survivor: Matsu Islands

What's Matsu Islands??? I don't remember

Voting History

Tumblr Survivor: Ireland

Grace Courtney's Voting History
Episode Grace's
Voted Against
1 Aidhne Tribe Immune
Ulaid Tribe Immune
2 Honda -
Ulaid Tribe Immune
3 Richard -
Ulaid Tribe Immune
4 Joseph Individual Immunity
Laure Individual Immunity
5 CJ -
Will -
6 Lex Lex, Emma
7 Eblani Tribe Immune
8 Eblani Tribe Immune
9 Masen -
10 Jessy Individual Immunity
11 Patricia -
12 Cole Individual Immunity
13 Emma -
14 Patricia -
15 Priscilla -
16 Adderly -
17 Priscilla Priscilla
Jury Votes
for Grace
Calvin, Patricia
Runner-Up, Day 61

Tumblr Survivor Galapagos

Grace Courtney's Voting History
Episode Grace's
Voted Against
1 Floreana Tribe Immune
2 Floreana Tribe Immune
3 Floreana Tribe Immune
4 Floreana Tribe Immune
5 Catherine Catherine, Kev, Amelia
6 Floreana Tribe Immune
7 Floreana Tribe Immune
8 Kev Amelia
9 Floreana Tribe Immune
10 Floreana Tribe Immune
11 Amelia -
12 Amelia -
13 Sole -
14 Rhea Sarah, Kev
15 Michelle -
16 Mary Mary, Alf
Voted Off, Day 51
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor Matsu Islands

Grace Courtney's Voting History
Episode Grace's
Voted Against
1 Nic -
2 Nangan Tribe Immune
3 Danielle -
4 Seth -
5 Jessie Candace, Cody, Dom,
Jessie, Maria
Voted Off, Day 21


  • "Cole, you're such a slut"
  • "No I'm Katie"
  • "Justice5Grape"
  • "Ryan I love you 9ever"
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Grace was the youngest person in Tumblr Survivor: Ireland at age 15
  • Grace is currently tied with Jason (Season 2), Wes (Season 4), and Jenn (Season 5), for the record of most Individual Immunity wins in a season with 4.
  • Grace was the only person in the final 4 of Ireland to not have found/played a hidden immunity idol.
  • Grace tried to get the winter bells record, but failed
  • Grace tried to get the snake game record, but also failed.
  • Hates survivor auctions with a passion
  • Will never get an idol because survivor auctions
  • Literally tried to flip on Floreana the whole game but never did.