With 7 players left and old alliances up in the air immunity became very important to the remaining players.  The game was Touchy Subjects, and wanting to have an edge against his competition Jack used his advantage that he won in the flag reward challenge.  Despite the challenge answers telling Jack he is the worst human being he was tied for first place and once again had to do Survivor Trivia, and finally had competition in Foxx who beat him out.  Foxx, however, didn't need immunity as he created a final 4 agreement with Jessica, Wan, and Jack that had turned it's sights on Owen.

Owen had a similar plan in mind as he had enough with Jack's shenanigans and was ready to get rid of him knowing he and Jessica were a tight final 2 deal.  He was hoping Foxx and Wan, who were on the outside when they voted off Dylan and Nicole would be with them, but they saw Owen as a bigger threat and made him the third member of the jury were threatened to talk a lot of shit and did.

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