Hobo Licker
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Season 'Sapphire Isles'
Episode Number 4/12
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Hobo Licker is the fifth episode of Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles.


After Michelle was voted out the remaining castaways quickly went to work on their next Immunity Challenge.  It was Simon Says, not a very difficult challenge it just took memory- oh who are kidding the patience to write down all the pattern and not lose track.  Knowing she was on her last life and not seeing the cracks in the tribe's majority alliance Emma quickly went to work.

Meanwhile, on Exile Island where Jack and Jessica were sent Jack was confident he could find another immunity idol with only one clue.  Having a Game of Thrones themed clue he went to google to find the answer and went on a mad dash through the tumblr tags to find what he was looking for.  Finding Jessica's set of clues easier, after an hour he found her idol for her before deploying the same strategy on his own.  He proceeded to dance to Britney Spear's Toxic on camera announcing he was Russell Hantz of Sapphire Isles since he'd found 4 idols all on his own.

By the time the two Exiles were returned to their tribe the new Galladon tribe had lost the challenge due to mostly Katie not submitting her challenge score because apparently a 'hobo licker' had given her bad information on when the challenge was due or not.  If it weren't for being on separate tribes Owen would be a prime suspect, but really it was Jack.

At tribal council Nicole decided it was time for the big move not wanting to be just a vote in Katie and Jessica's pocket so she flipped on her former alliance, teaming up with the 'gargoyles' as Jack calls them' and splitting the votes between both Jessica and Katie assuming Jessica had an idol.  On the revote, wanting to flush the suspected idol, everyone wrote Jessica's name down, but not wanting to see her friend go Katie decided to pull a Janu and quit to save her friend.

Once the realization hit the tribe that their target was still in the game Jessica announced that she had the hidden immunity idol and if Galladon went to tribal she would play it and one of them would be leaving the game.  She then proceeded to go on a monologue about how she wanted to work them, but she went ignored.

This sparked controversy as Dylan and Foxx disliked this, showing evidence from past seasons that Katie's quit shouldn't save Jessica as it's never happened in a Survivor season before.  Unfortunately this is not Survivor, it's Tumblr Survivor, and the almighty awesome host wasn't prepared for the merge yet so Jessica stayed in the game, though Dylan still strongly argued that if Jessica indeed has an idol it should be confiscated, but the game went on as planned.


Tribal Immunity

Winner: Galladon

Immunity Challenge:
Finish Tribe Participants
Won Galladon Dylan S8Foxx S8Jessica S8Katie S4Nicole S8Wan S8
Dylan, Foxx, Jessica, Katie, Nicole & Wan
Lost Selwyn Andrew S8Emma S8Jack S8Michelle S8Mikey S8Owen S8
Andrew, Emma, Jack, Michelle, Mikey & Owen

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
First Vote Revote
(Emma & Michelle ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Michelle S8
Michelle (2 votes)
Andrew S8Mikey S8
Andrew & Mikey
Michelle S8
Michelle (4 votes)
Andrew S8Jack S8Mikey S8Owen S8
Andrew, Jack, Mikey & Owen
Emma S8
Emma (2 votes)
Jack S8Owen S8
Jack & Owen
Jack S8
Jack (1 vote)
Emma S8
Owen S8
Owen (1 vote)
Michelle S8
Voted Out
Michelle S8

Voting Confessionals

Jack: I'm sorry but this ship has sailed


Emma: Blindsides are always fun and exciting.


Michelle: I feel really bad and I wish I didn't have to vote any of you out and I'm just really sorry </3


Michelle: SorrTy


Still In The Running

Danielle S8 bw
Emma S8
Jessica S8
Katie S4
Maria S8 bw
Michelle S8 bw
Nicole S8
Violet S8 bw
Andrew S8
Dylan S8
Foxx S8
Greg S8 bw
Jack S8
Mikey S8
Owen S8
Wan S8