I'm a Good Person, I Pay My Fucking Taxes
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Season Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands
Episode Number 10
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I'm a Good Person, I Pay My Fucking Taxes is the tenth episode of Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands. This title was said by Nicole in The #Reals alliance chat.

The confessionals for the episode can be found here.


Heading back to camp, the remainders of the Alleycats alliance were very upset. They were upset with each other for not predicting Kiersten’s move and they were upset at Kiersten for betraying them. Riley, Nicole, and Ricardo created a new alliance called The #Reals but this new alliance was already filled with problems since Ricardo and Nicole kept arguing with each other.

During reward, Alex and Ricardo were randomly selected to be captains for the reward teams. Alex selected Kiersten and Jake, Ricardo selected the #reals. Since AJ wasn’t picked to participate, he couldn’t win reward, but seeing as he told Alex not to pick him I don’t think he was that upset.

On reward, both Riley and Ricardo found map pieces. Ricardo told his alliance about the map piece but Riley, who knew from Jack’s idol clues he had found the correct piece, lied and said he found a tarantula instead.

During what is arguably one of the hardest immunity challenges in Tumblr Survivor history, only Riley and Kiersten managed to complete the puzzle at all. Due to Kiersten’s win, the #reals were pretty sure they were done for since they thought Jake, Alex, and AJ were unlikely to flip on each other. However, Nicole and Ricardo refused to give up - both of them pleaded their cases to Jake and gave him solid strategic reasons as to why he flipped. Ultimately, Jake decided having fun in the game was more important than coasting by, so he pulled a Kiersten and flipped everything around by voting out Alex in a 4-3 vote.



Mystery Picture (Post/Answers/Results) - Alex and Ricardo were made captains. Each person picked two people to compete on the reward with them. Whoever was not selected was left out and couldn't win reward. The teams then were given ten very zoomed in photos of things from the Survivor Wikia. They had to identify as many images as possible.

Winner (according to finish): Nicole WalkerRiley PetersRicardo Khardashian

Reward Challenge: Mystery Picture
Winner Competitors Sitout
Nicole S33Riley S33
Ricardo S33
Alex S33Jake S33Kiersten S33
Alex, Jake, & Kiersten
AJ S33


Enter the Void (Post/Results) - Everyone was given a pure black rotating puzzle. From the moment they were sent the link to the screenshot, a timer began. The timer stopped when a completed screenshot was received back.

Winner (according to finish): Kiersten Chomiak

Immunity Challenge: Enter the Void
Winner Competitors
Kiersten S33 AJ S33Alex S33Jake S33Nicole S33Ricardo S33Riley S33
AJ, Alex, Jake, Nicole, Ricardo, & Riley

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #11: Meffica Tribe
Alex S33
Alex (4 votes)
Jake S33Nicole S33
Ricardo S33Riley S33
Jake, Nicole, Ricardo, & Riley
Nicole S33
Nicole (3 votes)
AJ S33Alex S33
Kiersten S33
AJ, Alex, & Kiersten
Alex S33
Alex Pippi

Voting Confessionals

Maybe at least pretend to have a social game?


hopefully this works.


You’re a sweetheart but you’re way too smart for this game sis. You gots to go!


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but too bad.


*crosses fingers*


Maybe you’re not a challenge threat, but you are smart, and for me, intelligence is scarier than competition beasts. Best of luck, #LastGirlsStanding. Xo.


if I get dragged to final tribal, I’m gonna need something other than kierstens move or Nicole’s move. plus I’m a mess. a problematic mess. sry :*


Still in the Running

Alex S33
AJ S33
Jack S33
JC S33
Jillian S33
Kevin S33
Kiersten S33
Riley S33
Sora S33
Andrew S33
Carson S33
Emmon S33
Jake S33
Jaiden S33
Nicole S33
Pippa S33
Ricardo S33
Tyler S33