I Need A Stiff Drink, Or Two, Or Ten
Season Tumblr Survivor: Spain
Episode Number 7/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Kim Possible, You’ve Failed Me
Next Sweating Like A Whore In Church

"I Need A Stiff Drink, Or Two, Or Ten” is the seventh episode of Tumblr Survivor: Spain.


Both tribes were shocked at Heather’s exit. At Derrota, Murphy and Sarah were understandably stunned at the Tribal Council results and Teddy’s decision to flip. Sarah decided that she is done trusting Teddy. Teddy knew he needed to lay low for a while after making a very bold move. At Empeno, everyone was trying to piece together what combination of votes led to Heather’s exit, and who flipped from the alliance divide’s they believed to be true.

The tribes got their challenge, and it was a combined Reward and Immunity challenge, Winterbells. The Reward along with Immunity for the winning tribe was a message in a bottle to be revealed after the results. Fraser decided to post a low score in the tag to try to fake out the other tribe before he posted his actual score. Derrota was certain they had this win in the bag with Murphy notching 9 million points, but in the end, Tyler single handedly won the challenge for Empeno with a ridiculous score of over 400 million.

The bottle twist revealed that Empeno got to exile someone from their own tribe, as well as someone from Derrota who will miss Tribal Council and be guaranteed Final Eleven. They were debating between Murphy and Sarah based on the belief they were in the minority at Derrota’s last tribal council. They ultimately chose Sarah with the thinking that she’d be most likely to flip to them at the merge.

Back at Derrota before Tribal, Teddy was mad that Sarah was saved by the bottle twist, because he’d rather have voted her out over Murphy. The Russell Hantz Croptops + Paige agreed that the plan was still to unanimously vote out Murphy, and that is exactly what they did.



The tribe with the highest combined score will win immunity and will be safe from tribal council. The losers will go to tribal council and vote out one of their members. For Reward, the winning tribe would win a message in a bottle, which states to send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island, meaning they will avoid Tribal Council.
Winner: Empeño (Empeño sent Tyler and Sarah to Exile Island)

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Winterbells
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Empeño Alisha S16Anabelle S16Fraser S16Tim S16Tyler S16
Alisha, Anabelle, Fraser, Tim & Tyler
Lost Derrota Adam S16Mitchell S16Murphy S16Sarah S16Teddy S16
Adam, Mitchell, Murphy, Sarah, & Teddy
Paige S16Stephen S16

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Murphy S16
Murphy (5 votes)
Adam S16Mitchell S16Paige S16Stephen S16Teddy S16
Adam, Mitchell, Paige, Stephen & Teddy
Adam S16
Adam (1 vote)
Murphy S16
Murphy S16 bw

Voting Confessionals

Honestly, i would rather go out of this game knowing that i did not talk to you once than to surround myself with a sexist, cocky pig like yourself. Take your however many hundred thousand youtube subscribers and instagram followers and begone. Good riddance.


You don’t deserve this vote, grade D jank ass wannabe vixen #2 does, but unfortunately, she’s not here. You seem like a nice guy overall. Sorry.


Final Words

Still in the Running

Derrota Empeño Varados
Anabelle S16
Fraser S16
Garrett S16 bw
Adam S16
Alisha S16
Jackie S16 bw
Melody S16 bw
Sarah S16
Teddy S16
Heather S16 bw
Murphy S16 bw
Paige S16
Jess S16 bw
Mitchell S16
Stephen S16
Tim S16
Tyler S16
Van S16 bw

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