Ian S54 Contestant

Ian s38 contestant

Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 2
Total Number of Days 115
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Blog survivorchamonix
Tag GoingForGold
Player Profile

Bora Bora

Tribe(s) Anau
► Toopuati
Placement Runner-Up (2/25)
Alliance(s) Port Mafia

Anau Cult

Challenge(s) Won 9
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 74


Tribe(s) Monte Rosa
► Matterhorn
Placement Runner-Up (2/20)
Challenge(s) Won 11
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 41

Ian is the runner-up on Tumblr Survivor: Bora Bora and on Tumblr Survivor: Switzerland.

Tumblr Survivor: Bora Bora


Hobbies: Watching Anime, Playing Video Games and drawing
Pet Peeves: Dirty stuff (Unlclean stuff)
3 Words to Describe You: Big Anime Fan
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? TV, Books and INTERNET
Favorite Survivor Season and Why?: Cambodia because the season was intense and I really didn't know who was going home every tribal councils
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like and Why: Uhh not really sure but I think Baylor Wilson she kind of flip flops a lot but she's got a number one ally in her game and that's how I kind of see myself in life
Reason for Being on Tumblr Survivor?: I'd like to experience this new thing and get to meet new people that I wouldn't normally meet in my life. Also this is a new experience so I'm looking forward to it!

Voting History

Ian's Voting History
Episode Ian's
Voted Against
1 Anau Tribe Immune
2 Anau Tribe Immune
3 Jaylen -
4 Anau Tribe Immune
5 Anau Tribe Immune
6 Toopuati Tribe Immune
7 Toopuati Tribe Immune
8 Toopuati Tribe Immune
9 Andrei Andrei, Tata
10 Tata -
11 Victor -
12 Kaci -
13 Ryan Individual Immunity
14 Lexi -
15 Genki Renee
16 Jordan -
17 Junior Kenneth
18 Renee Kenneth, Renee
19 Kenneth Individual Immunity
20 Renee Renee
Runner-Up, Day 74
Jury Votes
for Ian
Eddie, Kaci, Renee, Victor

Tumblr Survivor: Switzerland

Voting History

Ian's Voting History
Episode Ian's
Voted Against
1 Monte Rosa Tribe Immune
2 Monte Rosa Tribe Immune
3 Monte Rosa Tribe Immune
4 Matterhorn Tribe Immune
5 Matterhorn Tribe Immune
6 Matterhorn Tribe Immune
7  Renee -
8 Matterhorn Tribe Immune
9 Benjamin Individual Immunity
10 Zack Abel, Jev, Luke & Zack
11 Abel -
12 Luke -
13 Nick Dom & Nick
14 Dom Dom & Luke
15  Jevvon Jevvon
16 Brett

Individual Immunity
 Brett Individual Immunity
Votes for
Sole Survivor
Abel, Tyler
Runner-Up, Day 41