Isabella Miller
Isabella S36 contestant
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Tribe(s) Rasnov
Placement 20/20
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 4

Isabella Miller is a contestant from Tumblr Survivor: Transylvania.

Tumblr Survivor: Transylvania


Hobbies: playing soccer, reading, playing on my xbox.
Pet Peeves: when people chew with their mouths open, when they smack their lips when they talk, when they make annoying noises.
3 Words To Describe You: active, outgoing, friendly
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why: a machete-to cut things up and build with a cooking pot-to filter water a fire starter-to, you know, start fires
Favorite Survivor Season and Why: n/a
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like and Why: n/a
Reasons for playing Tumblr Survivor: it looked really interesting and fun

Voting History

Isabella Miller's Voting History
Episode Isabella Miller's
Voted Against
Isabella Miller
1 Self-Vote Abbey, Camilla, Elena,
Hayley, Jay, Jenna,
Jessica, Liana & Madison
Voted Off, Day 4