It's Gonna Be Me Tonight, So Why Not
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Season Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands
Episode Number 12
Episode Chronology
Previous The Bitch That Betrayed Me
Next This Isn't The Last You'll Hear From Me

It's Gonna Be Me Tonight, So Why Not is the twelfth episode of Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands. This title was said by Jake in his voting confession.

The confessionals for the episode can be found here.


After having completely fallen apart the last few votes, the Alleycats alliance reunited when Ricardo pulled together Riley and Kiersten. They all initially decided to target Jake since he was a risk for having flipped so many times. However, Kiersten didn’t want to take him out since he wasn’t a threat to win in her opinion.

In order to take some of the heat off him for the idol play, Riley told everyone that the idol he played was Kiersten’s. Everyone now assumed that there were no idols in the game and no surprises to be had.

For the reward challenge, everyone got to meet their loved ones! Christine, Junior, Jenny, Jordan, and Austin were all welcomed into the tribe chat. They also played in the final reward challenge of the season - Austin won for Ricardo, securing Ricardo’s #rewardchampion title since he had now won every reward challenge post-merge.

After a tough reward challenge, Kiersten managed to secure another win for herself, guaranteeing her a spot in the final four. Initially, she told Riley she’d play her idol on him no matter what, however she was now having second thoughts at taking a threat like Riley to the final four. Kiersten tried to get AJ and Riley to vote Ricardo however she wasn’t completely confident when they told her they supported that plan. In order to have a little bit of extra insurance, she played her idol on Jake, negating the three votes against him. What no one expected was that Jake did not vote for Ricardo - he voted for Riley in anticipation that his vote wouldn’t even matter. On the revote, AJ and Kiersten decided Riley was too big of a threat to keep around, and he was eliminated from the game.



Chain Reaction (Post) - The loved ones were asked to rank all the players in the game (minus their loved one) in the order that they wanted to see them win the challenge. A chain reaction voting style was used determined to the winner.

Winner (according to finish): Ricardo Khardashian

Reward Challenge: Chain Reaction
Winner Competitors
Ricardo S33 AJ S33Jake S33Kiersten S33Riley S33
AJ, Jake, Kiersten, & Riley


Music Mashup (Post/Song/Results) - 40 something songs were mixed together and everyone had to identify as many as they could.

Winner (according to finish): Kiersten Chomiak

Immunity Challenge: Music Mashup
Winner Competitors
Kiersten S33 AJ S33Jake S33Ricardo S33Riley S33
AJ, Jake, Ricardo,& Riley

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #8: Meffica Tribe
First Vote
(Ricardo & Riley ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Ricardo S33
Ricardo (1 vote)
Kiersten S33
Riley S33
Riley (1 vote)
Jake S33
Riley S33
Riley (3 votes)
AJ S33Jake S33Kiersten S33
AJ, Jake, & Kiersten
Jake S33
Jake (3 votes)
(Played Hidden Immunity Idol)
AJ S33Ricardo S33Riley S33
AJ, Ricardo, & Riley
Riley S33
Riley Peters

Voting Confessionals

You had no problems with writing my name last tribal, and trust me, I won’t have problems writing yours, xoxo


Bye bye buddy! Great time playing with you! Anyways, gotta go my mom’s here!


I dunno, man.


I’m so sorry for lying to you, but you’re just too strong of a competitor to keep around. Long live the Alley Cats. Xo.


I’m not even gonna front, I don’t know why. but I’m about 800% it’s gonna be me tonight so why not.


I’m soooooo sorry.


It breaks my heart having to do this, and I love you so so much, but I can’t win either way with this vote. Thank you for being such an incredible partner throughout this, and please know that I would have loved for us to have been in the Final 2/3 together. XOXO.


Still in the Running

Alex S33
AJ S33
Jack S33
JC S33
Jillian S33
Kevin S33
Kiersten S33
Riley S33
Sora S33
Andrew S33
Carson S33
Emmon S33
Jake S33
Jaiden S33
Nicole S33
Pippa S33
Ricardo S33
Tyler S33

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