Josh Knowles

Josh S14 contestant

Josh S9 contestant

Contestant Profile
Hometown United States American Flag

Tumblr Survivor: Chief's Island

Tribe(s) Lorato
Placement 12/20
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 28


Tribe(s) Umik
Placement /20
Challenge(s) Won TBA
Vote(s) Against TBA
Day(s) Lasted TBA

Josh was a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Chief's Island.

Tumblr Survivor: Chief's Island

To compensate for the pre-game removal of two inactive players, Josh's original tribe, Lorato, was offered a chance to mutiny to Moremi, but only one person could take the offer. Josh was the first person that accepted the offer, and with mutinying he was given safety at the first tribal council he attended at Moremi.

Voting History

Tumblr Survivor: Chief's Island

Josh Knowles's Voting History
Episode Josh Knowles's
Voted Against
Josh Knowles
1 Cullen -
2 No Vote
Moremi Tribe Immune
3 Moremi Tribe Immune
4 Matt H. -
5 Justin H. -
6 Moremi Tribe Immune
7 Justin T. Justin T., Justin H., Sam
Voted Off, Day 24


  • Although a mutiny was offered in Tumblr Survivor: Panama, Josh is the first person to successfully mutiny in Tumblr Survivor history.