Tribe Profile
Season Tumblr Survivor: Egypt
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Neferka
Tribe Status Single tribe
Challenge Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Julian (24/24)
Highest Placing Member Samantha B. (2/24)
Khufu flag
Khufu buff

Khufu is one of the three competing tribes on Tumblr Survivor: Egypt.



Chris s25Erin s25Hector s25Jace s25Jenny s25Julian s25Samantha s25Teddy s25
  • Chris P.
    • "I have been craving to play this game for so long. Knowing that I would never survive in the wild, playing from the comfort of my home seemed perfect. I can’t wait to meet my tribe and get things started!"
  • Erin
    • "Hey I’m Erin! I’m 21 from Pennsylvania but attend college in New Jersey where I major in TV Production. My hobbies include singing in the car, trying to make babies laugh, and complaining. Excited for this season!"
  • Hector Ramos, returning from Tumblr Survivor: Kiwayu
    • "I’m excited to play again and roast people left and right and give them all my love at the same time. Mexico has pyramids, Egypt has pyramids, I’m playing in Egypt. Coincidence? The universe and the aliens are trying to tell us something. Wake up America."
  • Jace
    • "I feel that this game will be a real test of my gameplay ability. It is going to be fun to challenge myself against a strong cast and see how far I am able to make it on my own. I am also excited to be immersed in the Tumblr Survivor community, depending on if I am able to last long enough to be even remotely relevant. All in all I’m excited for a new game that I think will be interesting to play and adapt to."
  • Jenny Weinstein, returning from Tumblr Survivor: Machu Picchu
    • "Survivor: Egypt is my chance not only to redeem myself but to actually get a chance to play the game. Because I got out first, I didn’t really get an opportunity to play and to show my true abilities. This is my opportunity to do so. Besides that, I had so much fun last time and I just want to play again!"
  • Julian
    • "It’s time to improve my skills,play the game the way it deserves to be played and have fun. :)"
  • Samantha B.
    • "I love watching the game strategies on tv and now I am super stoked to be able to take part in it! I can’t wait for the games to begin ;)"
  • Teddy, returning from Tumblr Survivor: Spain
    • "Hey guys! My name is Teddy (or Nick Jonas, shh) and I’m just a random dude that loves Reality TV, is extremely sarcastic, and hopes to be a teacher some day. Pizza is everything to me and I’ll probably judge you based off of what toppings you get on yours."

Swap #1

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Jenna s25Jenny s25Michael s25Samantha s25Tyler s25

Swap #2

Chris s25Christine s25Danny s25Janaya s25
Jenna s25Michael s25Samantha s25Szymon s25

Treemail Swap

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