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Hometown Indiana, United States American Flag
Seasons Competed 5
Total Number of Days 139
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Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles

Blog JefraProbst
Tag ExileIsle


Blog Survivor Olympics
Tag FasterHigherStronger


Blog SurvivorNewfoundland
Tag CanadianBlindside


Blog ChaosProbst
Tag SurvivingChaos

Riau Islands

Blog Survivor Riau Islands
Tag SurvivorWarfare
Player Profile

Tumblr Survivor: Ireland

Tribe(s) Eblani
Placement 18/20
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 14


Tribe(s) Miyako
Placement 2/20
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 70

Marshall Islands

Tribe(s) Airik
Raro Pepe
Placement 5/20
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 9
Day(s) Lasted 44

'Heroes Vs. Villains II'

Tribe(s) Malvado
Placement 20/20
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 7

'Aeolian Islands'

Tribe(s) Salina
Placement 20/20
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 4

Laure Winter was a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Ireland before becoming a victim of a very vicious betrayal / blindside in two tribals in one night resulting in her placing only 18th, a very surprising result for a player who showed so much promise. Laure was also a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Marshall Islands as well as being the Runner-Up on Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa. She was also the first boot of Tumblr Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains II and Tumblr Survivor: Aeolian Islands.

Laure has hosted Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles, Tumblr Survivor: Newfoundland, Tumblr Survivor: Olympics, Tumblr Survivor: Somalia, and Tumblr Survivor: Riau Islands.

Tumblr Survivor: Ireland

Laure believed she had an advantage due to her fellow contestants being the most basic of bi**ches, ability to take advantage of the twist by spreading her influence to other players in other tribes, and having what she thought was an unbreakable alliance with her dual tribe partner.

Despite all the strategic ideas she had brewing in her head that she foolishly freely discussed with her sole alley she played a safe game. Having created a 'Secret Hush Hush don't tell anyone about it or I'll stab you in the eye' alliance in Ulaid and being invited to an Eblani alliance after player Honda failed his tribe by not performing in an Immunity challenge she proceeded to play a safe game thinking she was untouchable. Queen Laure, may peace be upon her, wanted continue an easy ride to the merge, but things changed when fellow tribemate Masen was on the chopping block. Seeing him as a pawn who would do her bidding, Laure, along with Jules and David devised a plan to betray the Eblani alliance by voting Andy out. The plan was successful but resulted in Eblani member Jessy raging a Tumblr war against her former alliance partner.

Wanting to lay low after her good name was sullied by an overuse of Pavarti gifs Laure was assured by *insert name here* her best strategy was to lay low and stop keep quiet to get her name out of people's heads, but this was an in for Jules and supporting characters in this tragic story to cut the head off what they percieved as a strategic threat. With a lack of Laure's communication she assumed she was safe to unburn her bridges by letting Masen go in Eblani and voting out Patricia in Ulaid, who was the replacement nominee since Will, the player with real life ties to other players, had won immunity.

Without much deserved immunity from a cruel game known as Winter Bells the plotting done behind her back paid off and to her horror she was in a Skype chat when everyone decided the host should read the votes live. To get herself in the mood for what she thought would be a clear cut event she listened to the tribal council music making it tramatic as her name came up over and over again in Eblani and then again in Ulaid.

She was voted off and quickly removed out of the chatroom before peeing in the rice and setting the Eblani shelter on fire, but before going the host of the game snuffed her Skype torch that probably looked like a Tiki being devoured by a dragon.

Voting History

Laure Winter's Voting History
Episode Laure's
Voted Against
1 Honda -
Ulaid Tribe Immune
2 Eblani Tribe Immune
Ulaid Tribe Immune
3 Andy -
Ulaid Tribe Immune
4 Masen Jessy, Jules & Priscilla
Patricia Addery, Emma, Grace, Jules,
Patricia, Richard & Will
Voted Off, Day 13

Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles

After her vicious blind side Laure decided that she was bored and could 'do what she wants' and decided that she wanted to take a crack at this hosting thing. She decided to advertise for her own season, called Sapphire Isles, due to her love of Game Thrones. She used the name JefraProbst because it sounded hilarious and right away people were like 'omg who is this bitch, she is all up in our Tumblr Survivor territory, gtfo Jefra you bitch'. Good guy Ryan, the host of Redemption Island and Ireland was like 'whasssup JefraProbst need some help? Welcome to the Tumblr Survivor community' and Laure was all like 'surprise bitch I'm Laure' and he was all like 'Ugh it's Laure'. Since Laure was the most sexiest and coolest person ever her season got inducted into the Tumblr Survivor community.

Due to Laure being a line cutting hoe, the hosting page had to be created so people could get claim seasons and time slots. Laure ruined everything, and now everyone is all up in this hood taking a crack at this hosting thing. Laure is clearly a glass ceiling breaker and should be an inspiration to all. Cassidy use to be the only solo female host until Laure decided to come along and ruin that shit. She was also bold enough to create idols with special powers, exile island to torture her players, and allow her room to become an absolute unorganized mess while she ran the season.

That is the story about how Sapphire Isles became the highly acclaimed season. Many people claimed she was so great she should come back and host season 10 (a whole 2 people said that) but she quickly became the founder of the critically acclaimed Tumblr Game: Tumblr Teen Mom.

Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa

In this game Laure was basically Sherri from Fans vs Favorites 2. Due to the vicious blindside performed on her in Ireland she had huge fears of going pre-merge again, so during this period in the game she played cut throat. She convinced a whole tribe to forfeit a challenge to get rid of Hustin, her and Molly put votes on their friend MJ to insure no one important got idol'd out, and in the very first tribal she was forced to vote out her papa (Ryan Teddy Palmer).

When she got to the merge she went from being cut throat to doing what she needed to do to protect her alliance, and mostly Sam (who she saw as her shark for #operationsuckerfish). She had a few obstacles, such as her final 2 deal (Matt Summers) leading a blindside against Molly without authorization first and spent her time in the tag attacking him for his horrible actions. After that she voted with her alliance and found her chill, hoping Sam and MJ would take each other out, but her actions were too little too late as Sam took Laure to final tribal council and had no moves or actions to claim as her own resulting in a land slide lost. At least Jessica, who swore she'd never vote for Laure, actually voted for Laure. That was kind of cool.

Voting History

Laure Winter's Voting History
Episode Laure's
Voted Against
1 Ryan Jules & Ryan
2 Miyako Tribe Immune
3 Jules -
4 Miyako Tribe Immune
5 Cole;
Jessy & Cole;
6 Miyako Tribe Immune
7 Miyako Tribe Immune
8 Justin -
9 MJ;
10 Jake -
11 Jessica -
12 Matt -
13 Jessy Kaitlyn, Jake & Jessy
14 Dane;
15 Kaitlyn
Sam -
16 Trace;
Sam & Trace;
- -
Votes for
Sole Survivor
Runner-Up, Day 70

Tumblr Survivor: Newfoundland

This was Laure's second Tumblr Survivor hosting job. There were a few racists, disputes with Jules, fights with Molly, and Dustin. It all was fine in the end. I guess. There was a ruby idol, that wasn't too popular, but at least the cast used the Sapphire Idol correctly unlike the assholes in Sapphire Isles. That's always good.

Tumblr Survivor: Olympics

Laure hosted this season with Ryan (her papa) and Jessica. It was great as the hosts all worked together to deal with disputes and the day to day. She rooted for the newbies hardcore, but don't let MJ know that. Her contribution to this season was not only doing tribal councils (where she never messed up, not once, not at all!) but she created the arena twist, which allowed players to claim an immunity necklace that was good for the pre-merge giving reward challenges an actual purpose!

Tumblr Survivor: Marshall Islands

Why did Laure apply to this season? Several reasons! After Okinawa where she was lucky enough to be stuck on a tribe with her friends + Molly it was hard to be proud of her placement knowing she'd gotten there by taking a huge short cut most players aren't afforded. She didn't want to play another All-Star season, because the bitterness associated was just not a business she wanted to use a debit card at, so to Marshall she went.

She got what she desired having to overcome many obstacles such as: Jordan Pines being a crazy person, Xavier not giving her the red carpet treatment like she deserved, Jordan Pines being a flop, guilt over aligning with Justin, Jordan Pines being horrible, Lachlan's mist, Jordan Pines being voted out instead of Carly cause everyone on her tribe is dumb, blue bucket stealing, Jordan Pines thinking he is Evel Dick when he isn't, and being on a tribe called Raro Pepe.

Did she get to Final Tribal Council in this game? No! (Though the events that took place at Final 5 was sketchy as hell), but according to Benji 5th place is nothing to be ashamed of and is worth retiring over! Most importantly she got there her damn self. Sure she had Justin, but his fire flickered out way too early and he sucked as an ally anyway. Did you hear he made out with his professor to get a better grade on his essay? The reward of getting to a high placement on your own merit instead of having a pack of friends in a game or a premade was good enough for her and she left this season more satisfied than she thought she would. It's also the only reward cause Laure heard Lachy hasn't received that iTunes gift card yet!

She also learned a valuable lesson, which is #notalltengagers (cept Ben cause he sucks!) cause during the game Lachlan said he wasn't manipulating Laure at all and they would be friends outside the game. Laure hates broken promises so now Lachlan has to message her every day as they have friendship hour!

Voting History

Laure Winter's Voting History
Episode Laure's
Voted Against
1 Airik Tribe Immune
2 Airik Tribe Immune
3 Airik Tribe Immune
4 Rakuru Tribe Immune
5 Rakuru Tribe Immune
6 Laura -
7 Tabal Tribe Immune
8 Jordan;
Carly & Jordan;
9 Catherine -
10 Carly -
11 Daniel Lachie, Catherine & Daniel
12 Gage Ben
13 Lachie Lachie, Ben & Catherine
Voted Off, Day 44
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains II

Voting History

Laure Winter's Voting History
Episode Laure's
Voted Against
1 Casey Individual Immunity
2 Casey Matt, Daniel, Johnny, Casey,
Shelby, Jordan & Emma
Voted Off, Day 6
3 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 7

Tumblr Survivor: Aeolian Islands


Name: Laure Winters
Age: I don't know my birthday is 4/20/89 do the math and tell me
Occupation: Career politician owned by Washington Money
Pet Peeves: MJ McKanasas
Personal Claim to Fame: #FuckHustin and being the only memorable returnee from Ireland, there I said it
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be: Boobs that can tell the weather, honey mustard, Pokewalker
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Purple Kelly.
Favorite Survivor Season and Why: South Pacific cause I like fake ass religious people like Coach being mocked on cable TV
Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: cause maybe I have self esteem now

Voting History:

Laure Winter's Voting History
Episode Laure Winter's
Voted Against
Laure Winter
1 Van Dalton, Danny, Jason, J.C,
Jenny, Nic, Stevie, Van
Voted Off, Day 4


  • Laure is the first player to be voted out twice in one night
  • Laure was the first player to bribe the host with actual money to get her way. (a whole $2)
  • She holds Jules 100% responsible for gifting her with 18th place in Ireland, and turned around and voted Jules into 18th place in Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa
  • Laure hosted Tumblr Survivor: Olympics with Ryan and Jessica, whom she both voted out of Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa
  • She may or may not have started abusing alcohol to forget the pain of being on a tribe called Raro Pepe.

Things said about Laure

"Laure and main chats don't mix" - Ryan