Leo Greenfield
Leo S45 Large
Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 1
Total Number of Days 17

'Canary Islands'

Tribe(s) Alegranza
Placement 14/18
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 17

Leo Greenfield is a contestant from Tumblr Survivor: Canary Islands.

Tumblr Survivor: Canary Islands

Leo started off on the Alegranza tribe, forming and leading an alliance of four to take control of the tribe with Ian, Ned, and Jerome, and forming a small rivalry with fellow player Jen. Due to the Alegranza tribe's strength in challenges, Leo was safe for the first three votes.

However, after three votes, with fifteen players left, the tribes merged into two, with Mike on exile.

Leo's only ally from before the swap was Ian, and he attempted to make an alliance with almost everybody but Luis, who was mostly inactive. However, his antics and overplaying of the game got him blindsided by nearly everyone on the tribe.

Voting History

Leo Greenfield's Voting History
Episode Leo Greenfield's
Voted Against
Leo Greenfield
1 Alegranza Tribe Immune
2 Alegranza Tribe Immune
3 Alegranza Tribe Immune
4 Alegranza Tribe Immune
5 Luis Luis, TBA, TBA,
Voted Off, Day 17