Malvado Banner
Tribe Profile
Namesake Portuguese for Evil
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Bondoso
Tribe Status Merged with Bondoso & Carvao
on Day 25
Challenge Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Laure Winter (20/20)
Highest Placing Member Matt Summers (3/20)
Villains Insignia

Malvado is one of the competing tribes on Tumblr Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains II representing the Villains.



Casey S30Daniel S30Emma S30Jenn S30Johnny S30
Jordan S30Laure S30Mario S30Matt S30Shelby S30
  • Casey Yates, returning from Panama, Heroes vs. Villains, Bonin Islands & Olympics.
    • Casey was original cast as a Hero in the first Heroes Vs. Villains season because at the time she was Tumblr Survivor’s sweetheart. However, after Panama something evil found their way inside and created Chaos Casey during Heroes Vs. Villains. If you have seen the gifset, you’ll understand why thing angel fell into the pits of hell. She has not been able to shake that stigma since and continues to find herself an early target. Will she thrive in the environment that better fits her?
  • Daniel Kennedy, returning from Matsu Islands & Riau Islands.
    • Daniel is one of the people that when you say Villain, immediately comes to mind. He was given the title of Villains, or by some “bully,” during Matsu Islands where him and his alliance constantly butted heads with the opposing alliance. Both people in and out of the game had strong reactions to Daniel. Will his villainous ways be more accepted this season, or will he fall victim to his reputation again?
  • Emma Keating, returning from Sapphire Isles.
    • Emma is one of the Villains that could be described as silent but deadly. Thought her time was cut short in Sapphire Isles, she was remembered as one of the biggest Villains of the season. Will this villainess survive despite her lack of game experience?
  • Jenn Tramkellan, returning from Redemption Island.
    • Old school Tumblr Survivor players have been awaiting the return of this Redemption Island Goddess! She has refused to play every season she has been asked for, but she is ready! Jenn played a phenomenally strong physical game in Redemption Island, earning her one of the top challenge scorers in Tumblr Survivor history. However, it was her social game that brings Jenn here. In life there is Yin and Yang, in her season she aligned with JaeMin, the all-american favorite, well-rounded, nice player. Jenn was his Yang. Her sassy confessionals and hatred of Chris Hood land her on this tribe. And if that were not all, her jury speech for the Runner-Up, Jessica, was nothing short of calling her game “half-assed.” Jenn’s return marks the longest wait between returning in Tumblr Survivor history. Will this true old school player be able to handle the new school heat?
  • Johnny Bishop, returning from Kiwayu.
    • Johnny will probably be the most controversial casting decision this season. He was known for his villainous gameplay in Kiwayu but that is not what he is remembered for. Johhny is remembered for being removed from the Jury for attacking his fellow castaways. While we don’t condone his past actions, we can’t deny he was perfect for this cast.
  • Jordan Pines, returning from Machu Picchu & Marshall Islands.
    • A few things happen when you mention the name, “Jordan Pines” You’re either one of the five people that smile because you’re his friend or you’re like many members of the community that roll their eyes and drive to the nearest convenience store in hopes of finding some ear buds. Jordan has one of the messiest reputations in the community and is well known for playing too hard, too fast therefore leading to his self destruction…twice.
  • Laure Winter, returning from Ireland, Okinawa & Marshall Islands.
    • This Tumblr Survivor orginal gangster has been wreaking havoc on this community since she arrived. Although her time was cut short on Ireland due to her lack of…….obvervation of any ounce of strategy at all, she came back for Okinawa where she screamed at children until she got to the end. Her dominating social game earned her all of one vote at Final Tribal Council. She came back in Marshall to prove her worth once more but fell short of the win again. Will Laure give another poor child in the community a nickname like she gave Matt “Fucking” Summers? Let’s find out!
  • Mario Johnson, returning from Olympics & Ancient Greece.
    • Tumblr Survivor has not even seen all the Villain that Mario can bring. In Olympics, Mario was part of the least problematic, most amazing, and adorable alliance this community has ever seen. (Host’s note: Yes, before everyone messages us how cute your alliances were, you can suck it.) This kumbaya did not last long once Mario’s alliance turned on him. He used this opportunity to completely expose every thought he had and every secret that alliance had in his last voting confessional. Mario also has no problem speaking his mind, even when it upsets the people around him.
  • Matt Summers, returning from Chief's Island, Okinawa & Somalia.
    • Matt Summers is an interesting casting decision, and is more complicated than just a Villain. He plays very strategically which removed emotion from his decisions. However, Matt Summers is known for his gameplay in Okinawa. Matt started off the season by immediately turining on his Day 0 alliance at the first Tribal Council. He then lied and flipped the entire game until if caught up to him. He was given the “Matt Fucking Summers” nickname when things started to hit the fan. Even from the Jury Matt was a popular conversation topic. Will his reputation precede him this time around?
  • Shelby Martindale, returning from Kiwayu.
    • Shelby’s casting choice may come as a surprise to some, but we think she’s the perfect fit for this season. After the merge in Kiwayu, Shelby found herself in the minority pretty fast and decided to speak her mind with her fellow alliance mates. Whatever she did paid off because she was able to make it all the way to final 5 before getting her torched snuffed. She tells it like it is and is probably most known for her 5 minute confessional video dragging a fellow tribemate.


Amelia S30Casey S30Daniel S30Dom S30
Hector S30Jordan S30Pat S30Shelby S30


Amelia S30Dom S30Jenn S30
Jordan S30Mario S30