Miss Tumblr Survivor
Miss survivor
Survivor Media
Description Beauty Contest
Season(s) Active 2015 - present

Miss Tumblr Survivor is a post-game event that happens on Survivor Top Ten Blog. It lets the viewers of Tumblr Survivor vote on who they would like to win the crown Miss Tumblr Survivor. It's the female version of Mr. Tumblr Survivor.


Viewers could vote up to five people only once who they wanted in the finale. Then the women would be revealed from 15th down to 6th place. Then after the top five would be announced the same procedures, but if someone in the final five dropped out, they would not be replaced or if two or all three a different solution would be issued, but is not currently announced. But after interviews and a debate, the viewers would vote for a winner.


The Final 5 was revealed on March 28, 2015.


The Final 5 was revealed on March 23, 2016.


Year Winner Finalists
2015 Jessie S15
Sam S9Maria S15Hanne S15Mary S12
Samantha, Maria, Hanne & Mary
2016 Katie S35
Lexi S34Jenna S30Kiersten S33Nicole S33
Lexi Taylor, Jenna Tibby, Kiersten Chomiak & Nicole Walker