Molly's Angels
Sam S9MJ S13 Icon
Laure S13 IconTrace S13 Icon
Season Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa
Founder Molly Christ
Members Remained Loyal:
Trace (Day 37-55)
MJ (Day 37-60)
Laure Winter (Day 37-70)
Samantha (Day 37-70)
Day Formed Day 37
Lowest Placing Member Trace (4/20)
Highest Placing Member Samantha (1/20)

Molly's Angels was an alliance on Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa.


On the 4th day of Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa the Strategic God (the person who created MJ on the first day to be the greatest at Survivor ever) gave his only daughter to be sacrificed, to make the people who lived in sin to remember to play a good game. The powers of Matt Summerbelezbub was strong and filled the game with sin. When Molly was sacrificed the game was split into two. The Yaeyamas who lived in sin as they were adulterers and drunkards, while the Miyakos (including Laurecifier who was trying to repent) learned from Molly's sacrafice and cleansed the sin staying together. Their bond got them to final 4 in tact to avenge and spread the world of the savior. Molly's light created three strategic honest loyal players, and Trace, and created a harminous final 4 that should have been an example to all.



  • Sam won bc she prayed to Molly Christ regularly
  • Laure can't spell