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Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 3
Total Number of Days 186
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Sri Lanka

Blog Survivor Sri Lanka
Tag allthefixings
Player Profile


Tribe(s) Morotai
► Watubela
Mojo Jojo
Placement 4/22
Alliance(s) The Drunken Asshats
Challenge(s) Won 8
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 54


Tribe(s) Miyako
► Yaeyama
► Miyako
Placement 11/20
Alliance(s) Molly's Angels
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 38


Tribe(s) Umik
Minush Tiu
Placement Winner
Alliance(s) TargetTrio
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 94

'Challengers Vs. Champions'

Tribe(s) Yasawa
► Koro
Placement TBD/20
Challenge(s) Won TBD
Vote(s) Against TBD
Day(s) Lasted TBD

Molly Christ was a contestant on Maluku, Okinawa & Challengers Vs. Champions, and the winner of Newfoundland. Molly is on hiatus forever.

Tumblr Survivor: Maluku - Fans vs. Favorites

Maluku Game Summary

Before Maluku began, Molly mistakenly messages host Sam’s survivor blog about survivor, where she forgot to anon her ask because she’s stupid. As a result, Sam messaged her back from the Maluku blog about playing, because Molly had never heard of “Tumblr Survivor” before, and agreed. A month later, Molly cautiously started out on the Fans Tribe, and was kind of quiet. She only spoke to a few people on Morotai, where her time there was cut short by a twist: the Day 1 Tribe Switch. One Fan and one Favorite were voted onto the other tribe, and Molly was the chosen one from the Fans. This ended up saving her life in the game because she wasn't in any Fans alliances RIP her.  On the Favorites tribe, Molly quickly became close to many people, especially Phil. She used her secret ninja internet stalker powers to find a special first-tribal idol, which she only told him about. When she used it, everyone thought she was an idiot and they were correct! She survived her goal of not being voted out first, with no help from the dumb Fans, who didn’t send her idol clues and didn’t kidnap her. That came back to bite them in the ass at the tribe swap, where there were 3 Faves, 4 Fans, and Molly kinda in the middle. Phil, Molly, Trace, and Jessie made an alliance, where negotiations led to a plan to vote out Kristie on a tie vote; however, Phil and Molly were duped by those #liars and in a moment of panic, Molly had to flip to the Fans and vote Austin out on the revote. Thus, the alliance of the Drunken Asshats was born (Phil, Molly, and Ja*min). Mattica flipped to them at the next tribal council NuWatubela went to, and #blindsided Jessie. Mattica was officially with the Faves, and had  F2 with Molly.  At the merge, Mattica, Phil, Jae, and Molly joined forces with Joe and Maria, and convinced Scott to come to their side for a majority alliance, known as #TheFakes, who are famous for blindsiding Trace, and taking out Joe without even voting him out. But because Mattica and Scoot were #flipfloopas, Philip wanted to take them out, and Molly relented, joing sides with Kristie, Mary, and Lindsey, before forcing Phil to turn on Mary and blindsiding her. RIP #GrandmaAlliance. Then, it was FINALLY time to take out Jae, but Phil left all of his messy receipts talking crap about Krustie in the Drunken Asshats Chat, which Jae used to convince Kristie to blindside Phil (and Molly by association even tho she was immune and at Taco Bell). Then, Molly saved her own ass at f5 by winning immunity, and Maria saved Jae’s ass with the infamous idol play that basically handed Jae the game. Molly knew then she was done for, and in a stroke of holiness, Kween Kristie tied the vote at f4 to allow Molly a chance to stay alive, but she was defeated by Maria Lucifer in  sp*rcle quiz by 18 whole seconds.

Statistics of Molly Christ
Seasons competed 3
Total number of days 186
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 14
Individual wins 6
Total 20
Tribal Council
Total votes received 11

Voting History

Molly Christ's Voting History
Episode Molly Christ's
Voted Against
Molly Christ
1 Danny -
2 No Vote
3 Watubela Tribe Immune
4 Watubela Tribe Immune
5 Jessy -
6 Kristie;
7 Watubela Tribe Immune
8 Jessie -
9 Watubela Tribe Immune
10 Trace -
11 Mary -
12 MJ -
13 Matt -
14 Mary -
15 Scott -
11 Jaemin -
16 Jaemin -
17 Maria Jaemin, Maria
Voted Off, Day 54
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor: Okinawa - Adversaries

Okinawa Game Summary

Molly signed up to play adversaries and got put with that guy Trace, who we all know and love. Good old Trace, what a guy. what was I saying?? Oh right, Molly. Well, Molly was a badass and did pretty well in all of the challenges and worked with her friends, Sami the seal, Tracilicious, MJ the baby, Laurethe liar I mean loveable, and Matt Summers. Once we got to the merge, Molly was prepared to do what no one else in her alliance felt like doing: vote out Sam. She had everything set and was right about to go for it.... but then Matt Summers ruined everything and flipped to get her out. The other alliance wanted to vote Sam instead but for some reason Matt Summers really wanted to vote Molly. He then became Matt FUCKING Summers and Molly went to the jury too early, much like when a musician dies too young or a tv show ends just as it is getting good. RIP Molly Christ.

Voting History

Molly Christ's Voting History
Episode Molly Christ's
Voted Against
Molly Christ
1 Ryan -
2 Miyako Tribe Immune
3 Jules -
4 Miyako Tribe Immune
5 Yaeyama Tribe Immune
6 Yaeyama Tribe Immune
7 Yaeyama Tribe Immune
8 Justin -
9 MJ;
10 Jake Jake, Matt, Kaitlyn,
Jessica, Dane, Jessy
Voted Off, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Tumblr Survivor: Newfoundland - Blood vs. Water

Newfoundland Game Summary

Molly decided to return for a third time and torture herself by playing two Tumblr Survivor games at once, because she really wanted to play with her irl best friend Sam. She was very social on Day 0, but once they were placed on tribes, Molly was put on a tribe with a bunch of people she didn’t know and Scoot. Great. Knowing her connections would keep Sam safe, she quickly worked herself into a bunch of alliances, including the dominant Play Nice or Leave majority alliance. Umik managed to stay afloat against powerhouse Nipi until the tribe swap, where all hell broke loose and never actually got sealed back into hell. Between the idols from Tyler and the inability to trust original Nipi members Lindsay and Adam, Molly panicked and wasted an idol and blindsided Adam, one of her allies and previous boyfriend of Play Nice or Leave ally Lizard/Katie. It was very difficult to get Lizard to forgive her, but eventually she did, which led Molly to make another new majority alliance on Umik to get rid of Tyler and Lindsay. This is where the successful all girls alliance was born, comprised of Molly, Katelyn, Katie, and Sam. Through constructions of consistent tie votes, they tortured allies and enemies alike to ensure the safety of the four. At the merge, they teamed up with everyone who was't from Tengaged to take out the rest of the Tengaged, which Molly didn’t want to do, but was outnumbered. James was voted out, and Molly used Dustin’s lack of allies and emotional vulnerability to her advantage to make a new (ish) ally, a new alliance, and create a new dynamic in the game, where the Play Nice or Leave alliance didn’t dominate. Dustin and Molly created a brilliant plan for the Sapphire Idol, and eliminated Scott from the game. They then successfully took out Molly’s number 1 target, Josh, who was hardcore gunning for Molly, which made the game turn out especially in her favor. Dustin, one of Molly’s closest allies (except for the girls), was sadly but fortunately rocked out, which was the ideal situation for Molly, because she didn’t need him anymore after Kevin returned. (she also played an idol because she knew that Foxx would use that dumb Ruby Idol and she hates rocks more than Winterbells). The girls alliance continued to plough down everyone (well not Katelyn because she was med evacced rip), and worked together exceptionally well. They systematically eliminated all of their threats (there were a few bumps along the way), and Molly crossed Kevin and voted him out, betraying their alliance. All that was left was Zak, and he, she, and Lizard fought very hard in the Final Immunity endurance challenge, where Molly tried every tactic to prevent Zak from winning. F4 tribal went smoothly, and Zak was voted out. The Target Trio was successful and had made the end, where Molly was then slaughtered by the jury (with exceptions). After 6 months of consecutive playing, Molly had finally won. She got her DVD set a month and a half later.

Blood vs Water was such a hellish and exhausting game, that was dramatic (as was all the community drama it created), and Molly was so jaded after her Tumblr Survivor run, that she has decided to retire (for the time being).

Voting History

Molly Christ's Voting History
Episode Molly Christ's
Voted Against
Molly Christ
1 Cici -
2 Jonathan -
3 Umik Tribe Immune
4 Umik Tribe Immune
5 Ray -
6 Umik Tribe Immune
7 Adam Lindsay, Tyler
8 Josh;
9 Umik Tribe Immune
10 James -
11 Josh -
12 No Vote
13 Foxx TBA
14 Patricia Individual Immunity
15 Foxx Foxx
16 Kevin -
Zak -
Sole Survivor, Day 94
Jury Votes
for Molly
Scott, Dustin, Katelyn,
Foxx & Zak

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