Tribe Profile
Namesake named after Kuzco from
The Emperors New Groove
with an M infront for Merica
Tribe Type Merge Tribe
Day Formed Day 33
Tribe Status Single Tribe
Lowest Placing Member Erin Zus (13/24)
Highest Placing Member Candace (Winner)
Muzco Flag
Muzco Buff

Muzco is the merge tribe of Tumblr Survivor: Machu Picchu.


Abel S21 IconAmelia S21 IconBridget S21 IconCandace S21 Icon
Dom S21 IconErin S21 IconHunter S21 IconMarko S21 IconMitchell S21 Icon
Nour S21 IconSara S21 IconSole S21 IconWesley S21 Icon

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