Nehemiah Wilson

Nehemiah TS64 Cast

Nehemiah 56

Nehemiah Contestant S49

Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 3
Total Number of Days ???


Tribe(s) Mata
► Togye
Placement 14/20
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 14

'Cutthroat Island'

Tribe(s) Magyi
Placement 19/20
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 4


Tribe(s) Sochi
► Sarajevo
Placement ???/25
Challenge(s) Won ???
Vote(s) Against ???
Day(s) Lasted ???

Nehemiah Wilson is a contestant on Tumblr Survivor: Myanmar, Cutthroat Island & Chamonix.

Tumblr Survivor: Myanmar


Name: Nehemiah
Age: 15
Current Residence: USA
Personal Claim to Fame: I was called back for an audition that would have got me on an episode of Zach and Cody.
Inspiration in Life: My dad is an inspiration to my life as he raises me and my two sisters by himself and tries to do his best even when we tell him his wrongs.
Hobbies: I sing, play tennis, make charts, play video games
Pet Peeves: People who feel they control me really irks my nerve. I control who i am not you.
3 Words to Describe you: crazy, shy, intelligent
If you could have three things on the Island with you what would they be and why?: I would bring my pick because this hair can't be that nappy, my fuzzy green cover because I just love it and I mean I am not a biggest fan of sleeping without covers even though I am a heavy sleeper. I would also bring my phone obviously. Need to keep up on my reality tv.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Susie Smith
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: When i come across something I always believe that I can do that. Playing this game is to prove to myself I can do this.
Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I will be the sole survivor because the adolescent mind is the best there is. My mind is developing and that will help me win this game. I may not be the smartest or experienced but don't count me out yet.

Voting History

Nehemiah Wilson's Voting History
Episode Nehemiah Wilson's
Voted Against
Nehemiah Wilson
1 Caroline -
2 Miranda -
3 Mata Tribe Immune
4 Carlos -
5 Ashley -
6 Tommy Amanda, Ashley,
Brett, Sam, Tommy
Voted Off, Day 14

Tumblr Survivor: Cutthroat Island

Voting History

Nehemiah Wilson's Voting History
Episode Nehemiah Wilson's
Voted Against
Nehemiah Wilson
1 Zack Amir, Crow, Dustin, Zack
Voted Off, Day 4

Tumblr Survivor: Chamonix


Name (Age): Nehemiah Wilson (16)
Tribe: Sochi
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Current Residence: Miami, Florida
Personal Claim To Fame: Multiple reality tv stars liked and commented on my twitter post
Inspiration in Life: Melania Trump stealing Michelle’s speech
Previous Finishes: Myanmar: 14th Place; Cutthroat Island: 19th Place
Favorite Past Moment: Honestly being blindsided because I told my ally to leave his #1 out of the plan to take out the eventual winner.
Why Did You Come Back?: Honestly my track record has not been amazing and I know i’m a good player so I want to prove myself. These placements were because of mistakes i learned how to fix. So lets hope for the best.

Voting History

Nehemiah Wilson's Voting History
Episode Nehemiah Wilson's
Voted Against
Nehemiah Wilson
1 Sófia, Sófia -
2 Evan -
3 TBA -
4 Sochi Tribe Immune
5 Sochi Tribe Immune
6 TBA Individual Immunity
7 Sarajevo Tribe Immune


  • Nehemiah's exclusive track on the Slaybells: Mayhaps Myanmar album is called Teach Me How To Nehe

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