Pulled Lavenders Out of My Ass
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Season Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands
Episode Number 3
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Pulled Lavenders Out of My Ass is the third episode of Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands. The title was said by Andrew during the Word Game challenge when he scored a point with the word lavenders.

The confessionals for the episode can be found here.


In the aftermath of Sora’s vote off, many people were left hurt and confused. Some of the voting confessionals concerned Riley and Kevin, both of who previously thought that their majority alliance was solid.

During the Word Game reward challenge, the tribes got to meet each other for the first time on a one world beach! The tribes instantly hated each other - Cortes was annoyed by Jaiden’s aggressive personality and they all collectively agreed they were happy to be on the quiet tribe “away from all the pizzas”. Pizarro seemed to like Cortes - Nicole took a strong liking to Riley and everyone seemed to like those who they talked to. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when the challenge began! Kiersten dominated the challenge early on, scoring almost all of Cortes’ points for them. This annoyed some of the PIzarros and they formed an alliance called the Fuck Kiersten 5 consisting of Jaiden, Nicole, Andrew, Pippa, and Carson. Despite the fact that Andrew scored just as many points as Kiersten, Cortes won the challenge and took home a spectacular reward.

Both Alex and Jack won map pieces from the reward items they broke - unfortunately for Jack, he found the same map piece he previously had. Due to her success in the reward challenge, Kiersten was confident she would be safe if her tribe lost immunity again, especially because she was still in her majority alliance.

When asked to number their tribes from 1-7/9, both tribes were nervous of a swap. Pizarro was almost in tears at the thought that they would be split up. But in a surprise twist they were not swapped - they were competing in the Puzzle Roulette immunity challenge! Unfortunately for the Cortes, they lost a number when Jillian decided to quit the game two hours before immunity was due. Although no one held any ill wishes towards her, Riley definitely was saddened at the lost of his closest ally and felt nervous moving forward.

Not all was bad for Cortes for they managed to win immunity and sent Pizarro to tribal council. The vote was all over the place - everyone who was not in the FKF was up for potential elimination. The vote was eventually settled on Emmon due to his poor performance in challenges. The FKF decided to tell Emmon to vote Jake in case he had an idol - Pippa also voted Jake to ensure that no matter what, the vote would tie 1-1 in a worse case scenario and the FKF could send Jake home and remain intact. This plan was unnecessary as Emmon did not have an idol and was voted out 7-2.



Word Game (Post/Results) - Everyone was added to one chat. At random times, a letter and number were posted. Whoever was the first to post a word with that length that started with that letter scored a point for their tribe. In the final stages of the challenge, everyone was given two letters and a number - the word had to start with both of those letters to get a point.

Winner (according to finish): Cortes

Reward Challenge: Word Game
Placement Tribe Sitting Out Points
1 Cortes Alex S33AJ S33Jack S33Jillian S33Kevin S33Kiersten S33Riley S33
Alex, AJ, Jack, Jillian, Kevin, Kiersten & Riley
None 44.1
2 Pizarro Andrew S33Carson S33Emmon S33Jake S33Jaiden S33Nicole S33Tyler S33
Andrew, Carson, Emmon, Jake, Jaiden & Tyler
Pippa S33Ricardo S33
Pippa & Ricardo


Jillian S33
Jillian Kennedy



Puzzle Roulette (Post/Results) - Both tribes were asked to list their tribemates from 1-7/9. Everyone was paired up with someone from the opposite tribe depending on their ranking in the list. All the pairs competed in a slide puzzle - whoever was the fastest at the slide puzzle scored a point for their tribe while the other person scored nothing. The tribe with the most points wins immunity!

Winner (according to finish): Cortes

Immunity Challenge: Puzzle Roulette
Placement Tribe Sitting Out Points
1 Cortes Alex S33AJ S33Jack S33Kevin S33Kiersten S33Riley S33
Alex, AJ, Jack, Kevin, Kiersten & Riley
None 5
2 Pizarro Andrew S33Emmon S33Jaiden S33Nicole S33Pippa S33Tyler S33
Andrew, Emmon, Jaiden, Nicole, Pippa & Tyler
Carson S33Jake S33Ricardo S33
Carson, Jake & Ricardo

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #3: Pizarro Tribe
Emmon S33
Emmon (7 votes)
Andrew S33Carson S33Jaiden S33Jake S33
Nicole S33Tyler S33Ricardo S33
Andrew, Carson, Jaiden, Jake,
Nicole, Tyler, & Ricardo
Jake S33
Jake (2 votes)
Emmon S33Pippa S33
Emmon & Pippa
Emmon S33
Emmon Amid

Voting Confessionals

you just haven’t been pulling your weight at all in the challenges, sorry :/


you seem like a nice guy but c'mon hunty your way home


have fun in Caribbean


This is purely strategic and in no way is based on how I feel about you.


Lmao sorry, u weren’t helping our tribe at all lol, hmu tho:)


If I had a unicorn for every time you helped I would have no unicorns. They don’t exist and neither did your participation in anything we did. Have fun in your other game.


<3 That heart? It’s just my little touch to let you know that this vote is purely personal. I hope you get a nice tan in the Caribbean, maybe then you won’t be such a damn ghost.


Someone has to go tonight


Still in the Running

Alex S33
AJ S33
Jack S33
JC S33
Jillian S33
Kevin S33
Kiersten S33
Riley S33
Sora S33
Andrew S33
Carson S33
Emmon S33
Jake S33
Jaiden S33
Nicole S33
Pippa S33
Ricardo S33
Tyler S33