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Most Individual Immunity Wins

*Rankings are updated through Tumblr Survivor: Virgin Islands.
After the merge, where there is only one existing tribe, the remaining contestants compete in individual challenges to seek possession of the Immunity Necklace, which guarantees safety at Tribal Council for its bearer. Unlike the tribal Immunity Idol, which gives exemption to its host, the incumbent wearer of the necklaces still must attend Tribal Council and cast a vote, but that player cannot be voted out. On some occasions, Individual Immunity has been played for during the pre-merge stages of the game (Usually this occurs during Double Tribal Councils).

Rank Castaway Season Wins
1 MattE s52 GL Matt E Great Lakes 8
2 Jessica S65 Jessica FoaFoa Jordan Pines 7
3 Candace S21 Icon Candace Machu Picchu 6
Jake S40 Jake Generations
TS63 Kevin Headshot Kevin Italy
4 Cole 69-2 Cole Sebastian Virgin Islands 5
Kenneth s38 Kenneth Bora Bora
Miranda s25 Miranda Wowart Egypt
Renee s38 Renee Bora Bora
KS59 Zach Zach B. Kuang Si
5 Alf S12 Alf Tuvik Galapagos 4
Ashley S49 Ashley Hudson Myanmar
Breanna S11 Breanna Pratley Tahiti
Carson S43 Carson Dawn Thomas Kiribati
Connor 69-2 Connor Tomlinson Virgin Islands
Drew Icon 60 Drew Heuse Japan
Grace S7 Grace Courtney Ireland
Jacob S44 Jacob D Sicily
James S62 James Ma Isla de las Muñecas
Jason Jason Samoa
Jessy S55 Jessy Anson Hosts
Jenn S5 Jenn Redemption Island
Jules S17 Jules Weisman Bonin Islands
Kage 69-2 Kage Rector Virgin Islands
Kiersten S33 Kiersten Chomiak Uncharted Islands
Ryan S15 Ryan M Matsu Islands
RyanS58Wiki Kvaløya
Sam S9 Samantha McCanada Okinawa
Shareef Tonga Shareef Tonga
250px-S12 Terry Deitz thumb Wes Panama