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Most Individual Wins

*Rankings are updated through Tumblr Survivor: Italy, excluding Tumblr Survivor: Isla de las Muñecas as it is still on going.
Individual wins are an accumulation of Individual Immunity wins, Individual Reward Challenge wins, Tie-Breaker wins, and Redemption Island wins.

Rank Player Wins Season
1 RyanS58Wiki Ryan M 12 Kvaløya
2 MattE s52 GL Matt E 8 Great Lakes
Ryan S15 Ryan M Matsu Islands
250px-S12 Terry Deitz thumb Wes Panama
3 Andreas s52 GL Andreas 7 Great Lakes
Katie s28 Katie Easter Island
Jack S50 Jack Estavanik All-Stars
Jacob S44 Jacob D Sicily
Jay somalia Jay O'Neil Somalia
MJ S20 MJ Dawson Olympics
Wes S6 Wes Heroes Vs Villains
4 Breanna S11 Breanna Pratley 6 Tahiti
Candace S21 Icon Candace Machu Picchu
Carson S43 Carson Dawn Thomas Kiribati
ChristineS58Wiki Christine Maxwell Kvaløya
JaeMin S10 JaeMin Maluku
Jake S40 Jake Generations
Jenn S30 Jenn Tramkellan Heroes Vs. Villains II
Johnny S30 Johnny Bishop Heroes Vs. Villains II
JustinT S9 Justin Chief's Island
TS63 Kevin Headshot Kevin Italy
KS59 Zach Zach B. Kuang Si

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