Individual Immunity   Tribal Immunity  Individual Wins  Votes Cast Against  Never Voted Out  Days Played   Tribal Councils   Perfect Game
Never Been Voted Out
Castaway Season(s) Votes Placement
70px-S14 alex t Sittingonyourdoorstep Cook Islands 0 Med Evac
70px-S14 gary t Derping-with-swag 0 Med Evac
70px-S15 sherea t Natalie 0 Quit
Becca S5 Becca Cook Islands Unknown Med Evac
Redemption Island 0 Quit
Carly S2 Carly Samoa 0 Quit
Jason Jason Finalist
Alyssa S3 Alyssa Tocantins 1 Finalist
Ina S3 Ina 2 Med Evac
Breanna S3 Breanna 4 Med Evac
Bailey S3 Bailey 4 Quit
Lean S3 Lean 0 Quit
Samrah S4 Samrah Panama 0 Med Evac
Ray S4 Raymond Colon Panama 1 Quit
Somalia 4 Quit
Meg S5 Meg Redemption Island 1 Med Evac
Kandace S5 Kandace 0 Removed
JaeMin S5 JaeMin Redemption Island 3 Finalist
Heroes Vs Villains 2 Finalist
Maluku 4 Finalist
Adderly S7 Adderly Shaharudin Ireland 1 Finalist
Maria S8 Maria Sapphire Isles 0 Eliminated
by Rocks
Chief's Island 2 Finalist
Maluku 3 Finalist
Matsu Islands 2 Finalist
Jaume S9 Jaume Chief's Island 1 Quit
Kristie S10 Kristie Maluku 11 Finalist
Kathleen S11 Van Tahiti 0 Quit
Spain 0 Evacuated
Aeolian Islands 4 Finalist
Gabe S11 Gabe Uhas Tahiti 0 Med Evac
Breanna S11 Breanna Pratley 3 Finalist
Arun S12 Arun Jain Galapagos 1 Med Evac
Kev S12 Kev Castilla 4 Med Evac
Sarah S12 Sarah Aiman 4 Finalist
Sam S14 Sam Shelton Newfoundland 3 Finalist
Katie S14 Katie Mutek 2 Finalist
Lauren S15 Lauren M Matsu Islands 2 Quit
Gerda S15 Gerda Matsu Islands 1 Eliminated
Ancient Greece TBA Finalist
Candace S15 Candace Matsu Islands 3 Eliminated
by Rocks
Machu Picchu 0 Finalist
Paige S16 Paige Spain 4 Finalist
Olympics 0 Eliminated
by Rocks
Torsa S17 Torsa Bonin Islands 4 Finalist
Sterling S18 Sterling Mali 4 Removed
Branden S20 Branden Quinlan Olympics 3 Removed
Somalia 1 Finalist
Shannon S20 Shannon Sullivan Olympics 4 Finalist
Ancient Greece 0 Quit
Miranda S20 Miranda Wowart Olympics 3 Finalist
Egypt 4 Finalist
Stefanie S22 Stefanie Kern Port Royal 1 Finalist
Sky S23 Sky Oskooi Marshall Islands 0 Quit
Tayvie s25 Tayvie Egypt 0 Quit
Ray somalia Ray Ramirez Somalia 2 Evacuated
Bhutan max Max Yohnson Bhutan 2 Finalist
L'Shei L'Shei Tonga 4 Finalist
Shareef S40 Shareef Tonga 4 Finalist
Generations 0 Finalist
Challengers Vs. Champions 8 Finalist
Jillian S33 Jillian Kennedy Uncharted Islands 3 Quit
Ayan S34 Ayan Yusuf Palawan 0 Quit
Keir S36 Keir Lyon-Fraser Transylvania 0 Evacuated
Hayley S36 Hayley Grams 4 Finalist
Jenna S36 Jenna MacLennan 9 Finalist
Amir S36 Amir Peletier Transylvania 1 Finalist
Cutthroat Island 0 Finalist
Angela Icon S39 Angela Cheng Aeolian Islands 0 Quit
Ashen s41 Ashen Moss Maldives 0 Removed
Thomas s41 Thomas Minogue 0 Finalist
Tq s41 TQ 5 Finalist
Elise S44 Elise Brooks Sicily 5 Finalist
Jacob S44 Jacob D 3 Finalist
Bubba S45 Bubba Arizpe Canary Islands 2 Evacuated
Mike S45 Mike Kelley 5 Finalist
Kate S45 Kate Meissner 0 Finalist
S47 Kat icon Katharine Faye Arabia 0 Removed
JJ 482 JJ Sloth Lazio 1 Removed
Dylan 482 Dylan Andrews 2 Finalist
Ashley 482 Ashley Goulding 6 Finalist
Lexi S51 Lexi G India 3 Finalist
Robin S51 Robin Kwak 4 Finalist
Alexis S51 Alexis Lynch 21 Finalist
AllieTS53 Allie C. Solomon Islands 5 Finalist
JDS58Wiki JD Kvaløya 5 Finalist
KS59 David David Wachsberg Kuang Si 8 Finalist
KS59 Zach Zach B. 0 Finalist
Nick S61 Nick Shelhamer Andalucia 14 Finalist
Toby S61 Toby Marlow 1 Finalist
TS63 Joseph Headshot Joseph J. Italy 0 Quit
TS63 Dakota Headshot Dakota 0 Evacuated
TS63 Chris C Headshot Chris C. 0 Eliminated
by Rocks
TS63 Sahar Headshot Sahar 6 Finalist
TS63 Kevin Headshot Kevin 1 Finalist

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