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Most Tribal Immunity Wins

*Updated through Tumblr Survivor: Virgin Islands
During the tribal phase of the game, the tribes vie for the ownership of the Immunity Idol. The winning tribe will be granted safety from the upcoming Tribal Council. In rare cases, there are double eliminations and both tribes go to Tribal Council, where the Immunity Idol temporarily retires and is replaced with the Immunity Necklace which is usually only available post-merge. But after the double boot twist, the idol returns until the merger.

Rank Tribe Wins Season
1 Floreana 8 Galapagos
Kabru 8 All-Stars
Toopuati 8 Bora Bora
2 Bondoso 7 Heroes Vs. Villains II
Denali 7 All-Stars
Kalafati 7 Mykonos
La Mina 7 Panama
Oslo 7 Chamonix
Regateo 7 Isla de las Muñecas
Sparta 7 Olympics
Yaeyama 7 Okinawa
3 Ampezzo 6 Chamonix
Andaman 6 All-Stars
Caspian 6
Chikyu 6 Bonin Islands
Dravuni 6 Challengers Vs. Champions
Ekkeko 6 Machu Picchu
Fides 6 Lazio
Imperium 6 Crossroads
Lamu 6 Kiwayu
Mahana 6 Tahiti
Málaga 6 Andalucía
Māpū 6 Generations
Megara 6 Olympics
Nadroj 6 Jordan Pines
Sahure 6 Egypt
Sochi 6 Chamonix