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Seasons Competed 4
Total Number of Days 154
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Aeolian Islands

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Matsu Islands

Tribe(s) Dongyin
Placement Runner up (2/22)
Challenge(s) Won 12
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 90


Tribe(s) Argos
Placement 25/25
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 6

Ancient Greece

Tribe(s) Hercules
Placement 12/18
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 19


Tribe(s) Kaldfjorden
► Ersfjorden
Placement 1/20 (Sole Survivor)
Challenge(s) Won 16
Vote(s) Against 12
Day(s) Lasted 39


Tribe(s) Fatum
Placement ???/18
Challenge(s) Won ???
Vote(s) Against ???
Day(s) Lasted ???

Ryan Matthew is the co-runner up of Matsu Islands as well as a contestant on Olympics , Ancient Greece & Crossroads & the winner of Kvaløya.

Tumblr Survivor: Matsu Islands

Ryan was very inactive in the beginning of the game, relying on only challenge strength. Early on he won a reward challenge in a game about cats so he could send himself to exile island with his future BFFL Hanne (who he didn't even talk to on exile island) so he wouldn't have to participate in the immunity challenge. That was his proudest moment of his game tbh.

The closest people he was aligned with was Jen and Daniel. Preswap if Dongyin lost immunity Ryan would have been voted off, even though he thought he'd have the numbers to vote off rival Gerda.

Ryan swapped with mostly Dongyin and 3 Nangans. He assumed they'd vote them off 1 by 1 and after Batria was voted off he let his guard down thinking the next tribal would go easier. Everyone said they'd be okay with voting off Lachie, but Ryan shared his concerns with Michelle and Jen and bonded closely with them both (starting Ryan's fav alliance they eventually dubbed "Doritos"). Anyway their suspicions were right when everyone decided to vote off Jen in a 5-3 vote. But oh shit Jen pulled out an idol?? and saved herself?? Which started the war within former Dongyin castaways. Also Ryan didn't trust Daniel anymore.

Anyway there was a sweet autoelimination twist where RYAN TURNED IT THE FUCK OUT averaging a placement of 1st in 3 challenges and earning his spot in merge. RIP GERDA. He met up with Jen's friends and his former Dongyin tribemates Dom and Jessie and worked with the Nangan three (Maria, Hanne and Szymon) to vote off Daniel and Cody. (Their group of Dongyin were rude af and voted Ryan the first two tribals).

The next tribal was less "linear" tho. Ryan fought in immunity getting bad touchy subjects titles, getting 2nd place in it BUT JUST KIDDING HE COMPLAINED AND ACTUALLY TIED FOR FIRST PLACE. And fought JESSIE for immunity in wood, water, fire. He was suppose to go that tribal but he RIPPED THAT IMMUNITY RIGHT FROM JESSIE'S COLD AF HANDS. His closest ally Michelle was plotting his demise tbh not cool Michelle. So instead of the Nangan 3 turning on Ryan they all teamed up with the outcasted Dongyin peoples and voted off Michelle. Thus starting the minority alliance of Dom, Jessie, Ryan & Jen. Originally called the "RIP MICHELLE ALLIANCE" bcuz Ryan didn't know how fake Michelle was but Jessie renamed it the "FUCK" alliance because she felt like they were fucked.

They were outnumbered 4-5 but with two idols played they voted off one of the other 5!! Then they went for rocks for their alliance member Jessie, even though the numbers weren't in the favour of the now dubbed "FUCK YEAH" alliance, they still all managed to pull a white rock and stay in the game.

After rocks they called themselves the "FUCK WE'RE STILL HERE" alliance and voted off Szymon in a linear fashion, leaving the Nangan two on the outs (Maria and Hanne). But Ryan wasn't playing to get fourth because tbh he knew Jessie and Jen would win over him and would probably take Dom to final 3 over Ryan. So he used the idol clue Jessie gave him to find an idol and at the next tribal he played it on Maria, saving her. He also told his closest ally Jen to waste her idol on herself saying Dom flipped and he wanted her to be safe (he's not a good liar tho but it worked). He knew Jen was a selfless person and might play it on Jessie, so he had to vote Jen as a backup plan so it wouldn't be 0-0. Jessie was then voted out 2-0-0.

Final 5 Dom and Jen didn't trust Ryan. Ryan wanted to go to the end with Dom and Jen because he was SUPER loyal to Jen and maybe could rack up enough votes from the people on the outs since people hated puppy loving Jen. He continued winning immunity at Final 5 and even though Dom wanted to vote Ryan off, he couldn't. But Ryan was honest with Maria and Hanne saying he didn't think he could vote with them and went with Dom and Jen to vote off Maria. But JK Ryan wasn't clear enough that he wanted to work with Dom and Jen because of his confused emotions at the time and Jen flipped to save herself and voted off Dom.

At final 4 Ryan turned it the fuck out again and won immunity. He had a feeling Jen would have voted him off with the Nangans if he didn't. Ryan wanted to vote off Jen because if he made the end with JEN and NANGANS, he'd get 0 votes. So even though he wanted to vote off Jen, he gave Jen a chance at a tiebreaker against Hanne. Jen lost tho, leaving Ryan in the final 3 with Maria and Hanne. Which was really weird tbh.

Anyway Ryan doesn't know how to make FTC speeches and the jury didn't like him enough. Only Michelle (who Ryan still didn't know was targeting him throughout the game and he wanted to F3 with her) voted for Ryan because she saw him as a threat that no one was able to take out. That was sweet tbh Michelle. Anyway Ryan tied for second because he sucks at speeches and a lot of people didn't like him. He was dubbed a villain overall for flipping on Jessie??? Which he was shocked to find out he was a villain but he's cool with that now.

Voting History

Ryan Matthew's Voting History
Episode Ryan's
Voted Against
1 Dongyin Tribe Immune
2 Shawn -
3 Dongyin Tribe Immune
4 Dongyin Tribe Immune
5 Batria -
6 Lachie -
7 Dongyin Tribe Immune
8 No Vote
9 Daniel Candace, Cody, Daniel,
10 Cody Candace, Cody, Simon
11 Candace Individual Immunity
12 Szymon Individual Immunity
13 Szymon;
14 Szymon -
15 Jen -
16 Maria Individual Immunity
17 Hanne Individual Immunity
Jury votes
for Ryan
Runner-Up, Day 90

Tumblr Survivor: Olympics


Name (Age): Ryan Matthew (18)
Tribe Designation: Argos
Current Residence: Canada, Alberta
Occupation: Waiter
Personal Claim to Fame: Being known to self-advertise. Follow me on twitter @Ryphine2 Instagram & Snapchat @Ryphine
Inspiration in Life: Bears (the animal again), they got it so good.
Hobbies: Going to the gym two-three times a week but usually skipping two-three times a week.
Pet Peeves: When I say something and someone says "Sorry what" and I'm all "Nevermind" but they answer what I said originally.
3 Words to Describe You: hate, envy, peer-pressure
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? A mirror because I need to see me, a bed because like let's be real that was probably the better reward prize in San Juan Del Sur and it makes the most sense, and my cat, sorry I'm a cat person and I mean I have like 5 cats but I know who my fav is (Hunter ily this if for you)
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Sophie Clarke
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To win or to reinvent myself this season. I felt like a fool last season and if I lose or get out early I want to know I went out knowing I have no reason to feel foolish.
Why You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: There's surviving and living. Surviving in terms of the game is just making it through the vote. I want to not just Survive but live, and be a part of the majority and actually be in the know because in the past no one told me anything apparently, and I didn't even know I knew nothing until confessionals came out. I know my past mistakes and I won't make them again, hopefully I'll live to see final tribal council again.
Why Will You Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Hopefully my past experience with a newbie/returnee season will help me. I managed to be the only newbie in the final 3 last season and I'm going to try to learn from all the returnees that made it far. I'm going to talk this time and still be 98% honest like I was last season. I'm going to rock the challenges and be a useful member of the tribe.

Ryan put all his trust in MJ and Jules and made an alliance with them within the first couple hours. However they already made alliances within the first couple minutes and were gonna use Ryan. But they lost the first immunity challenge because they got greedy and submitted last. Will straight up told Ryan he was targeting him which was like, pretty rude. Everyone then voted off Ryan unanimously, which tbh hurt. He was the only member of his tribe not to make jury/merge. And watched from the VL as MJ won the game.

Voting History

Ryan Matthew's Voting History
Episode Ryan Matthew's
Voted Against
Ryan Matthew
1 Will Alf, Jules, MJ & Will
Voted Off, Day 6

Tumblr Survivor: Ancient Greece

Day 1 Ryan aligned himself closely with Katie and Jakey who all ruled the Hercules tribe pre-swap. The three of them convinced the other 3 members of the tribe to target each other and none of them received votes. The three of them got all the idol clues and eventually managed to find an idol (possessed by Katie).

After swap Ryan was left with former Hercules member Gerda. After voting off Austin and Shannon quitting, Ryan was left with only good allies in Lindsay, Mary, Scott and Gerda. New Athena would then lose the immunity challenge and Ryan would have to pick which close friend would go. After waiting to see what everyone thought he realized the numbers were against Lindsay (his very first friend playing these games). Lindsay came up with a plan to vote out Gerda to which drunk Ryan agreed with and talked to Mary to pitch it while very fucking drunk in the Dominican Republic #gaycation. Lindsay then stated she wanted to quit so Ryan was like "okay bye I'd feel like bad voting for you anyway but this works". The next sober morning Lindsay decided she wanted to continue and had the numbers against Gerda. Which Ryan knew she didin't. When tribal came around Lindsay had voted Gerda, Ryan had voted Lindsay, and Scott, Mary, and Gerda voted for Ryan because Mary thought Ryan would play an idol on Lindsay to idol out Mary after finding out how close Lindsay and Ryan were after Ryan was so shitfaced talking to Mary. Mary convinced Scott and Gerda to go along with it because of his drunk ass receipts.

Ryan still loves Mary despite her being fake as fuck <3

Voting History

Ryan's Voting History
Episode Ryan's
Voted Against
1 Hercules Tribe Immune
2 Hercules Tribe Immune
3 Mario -
4 Tony -
5 No Vote
6 Austin -
7 Lindsay Gerda, Mary, Scott
Voted Off, Day 19

Tumblr Survivor: Kvaløya

Voting History

Ryan Matthew's Voting History
Episode Ryan Matthew's
Voted Against
Ryan Matthew
1 Kaldfjorden Tribe Immune
2 Jules -
3 Connor -
4 Ersfjorden Tribe Immune
5 Ersfjorden Tribe Immune
6 Ersfjorden Tribe Immune
7 Gage -
Chelsea, Chelsea Nicholas
8 Quilynn
Individual Immunity
9 Willow Individual Immunity
10 Lily Gage, Jackson, Lily,
Lily, Nicholas,
11 Lily Individual Immunity
12 Jackson Jackson, Lily, Quilynn
Reflection Island
13 Lily Lily, Lily, Jack
Jack Individual Immunity
Jury votes
for Ryan
Danielle, Gage
Jackson, Lily & Willow
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Ryan and Tumblr Survivor queen Hanne Guacamole have a lot in common

  • Both were runner ups in Matsu Islands with 1 jury vote each
  • Both made the first Top 5 of Mr and Mrs Survivor 2015 and both placed 4th
  • Both have been the worst first boots in Tumblr Survivor History (Ryan took over Hanne, who placed 24/24, in Olympics by being 25/25)
  • Both have competed in Matsu Islands and Olympics
  • The third season both played in were both All-Star seasons (Hanne in HvV, and Ryan in BvBvB)
  • Ryan hopes to twin Hanne and win a Tumblr Survivor season
    • He accomplished this in Kvaløya
  • Both never ever spoke to each other in Matsu Islands, even though they both made F3 together
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