Tribe Profile
Season Tumblr Survivor: Egypt
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Khufu
Tribe Status Single tribe
Challenge Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member Blake (20/24)
Highest Placing Member Miranda Wowart (1/24)
Sahure flag
Sahure buff

Sahure is one of the three competing tribes on Tumblr Survivor: Egypt.



Adam s25Blake s25Jenna s25Jennifer s25
Miranda s25Rhea s25Szymon s25Tyler s25
  • Adam F.
    • "My names adam, im 17 and im from Michigan, I just recently got into survivor over these last few months and have been hooked watching it, and im a bb fan as well so ive competed in some of the online bb games and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do something similar with survivor and hopefully get to have as much fun as the show seems with new people ill get to know and enjoy!"
  • Blake
    • "I’ve never participated in a Tumblr Survivor before and I think it’ll be a new fun experience for me. I am very interested in the aspect of making new Tumblr friends while also being able to play Survivor, two things I never thought could mix."
  • Jenna
    • "Hi I’m Jenna! I’m 17 years old and am super excited to play my first tumblr survivor game. I’ve always loved the game and to be apart of this season means the world to me. I’m excited to be able to experience something as awesome as Survivor: Egypt and to see how I do when I actually get to play the game."
  • Jenn From
    • "Who doesn’t want to experience playing the game we all love and talk about it with others who share this same passion!? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. It’s also something new for me to try, being somewhat new to the Survivor Tumblr community and I think it will be fun to branch out. Survivors ready?!"
  • Miranda Wowart, returning from Olympics
    • "Hi, I’m Miranda from Tumblr Survivor Olympics! I’m 17 and when I’m not spending every waking moment of my life watching Survivor, Big Brother, or some other reality TV show, I’m a dancer. I’m ecstatic to be have a chance to play another season and I’m happy to see how it goes."
  • Rhea, returning from Mali
    • "When I played Mali, a lot went wrong for me, so, I am hoping Egypt is a different story. I wanted to play a main season so badly, but I figured my absolute flop would never make me a possible candidate. Yet, here I am, getting another chance to play season. I’m ready for whatever is in store for us castaways, and I hope I do a better job this time around!!!"
  • Szymon, returning from Matsu Islands
    • "Hi, Im Szymon and i played in Matsu Island, where i represented baby tribe (IVE GROWN UP). Im really grateful and excited for another opportunity to play and i cant wait already to taste another adventure of survivor! <3 ps Jessica rigged it for me to be here"
  • Tyler
    • "I’m excited to play tumblr survivor because Survivor is one of my favorite shows. This seems like a fun and exciting experience. I’m glad to be playing!"

Swap #1

Adam s25Chris s25Erin s25Hector s25
Jennifer s25Lindsay s25Miranda s25Rhea s25Szymon s25

Swap #2

Adam s25Erin s25Hector s25Jennifer s25
Jenny s25Lindsay s25Miranda s25Rhea s25

Treemail Swap

Adam s25Danny s25Hector s25Jennifer s25
Lindsay s25Rhea s25