Sally Sweetheart is basically a badass. She is Mitchell's only friend and is probably an embodiment of Mitch's psychological breakdown. However it is so damn funny we just let him suffer in silence.


Name (Age): Sally Sweetheart (older than dirt)
Tribe Designation: Ezma
Personal Claim to Fame: My winsome personality <3
Inspiration in Life: The sunset, I like to imagine that when it goes it crushes an innocent city and violently murders all it's civilians.
Hobbies: Reporting for a nonexistent news network Pet Peeves: Bad Eggs
3 Words to Describe You: Sweet, Playful, Ambiguously Evil (whoopsies that was four words he he :P)
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?: 1. My handy dandy notebook to record my surronding . 2. A carton of eggs to EGGphasis my egg puns 3. A shovel in case I need to hide a dead body. JK (not really...)
Favorite Survivor Season and Why?: Yes
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like and Why: I AM ALL SURVIVOR CONTESTANTS. BOW BEFORE ME. Back to you Mitchell <3
Reason for Being on Tumblr Survivor?: It's where I was concieved, by Mitchell's stress and brain juices

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