She Just Wants Friendly Sex, She's Not a Villain
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Season Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands
Episode Number 8
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She Just Wants Friendly Sex, She's Not a Villain is the eighth and merge episode of Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands. This title was said by Ricardo in the Meffica tribe chat.


After Jaiden’s departure, the two tribes finally merged into one!! They ultimately settled on the name Meffica which was a combination of two nicknames for their host: Jeffica and Messica (the second one was due to Jessica messing up Jaiden’s tribal because her computer was so slow and kept crashing).

Nicole was happy to have Tyler around because it meant she could finally get rid of AJ. The rest of her Alleycat alliance didn’t agree and wanted Tyler out so that old Pizarro couldn’t align and gain majority. Plus so far, Tyler was pretty good at challenges whereas AJ was a flop.

Merge also meant that an old Cortes was reunited - what remained of the original Cortes majority joined together to form the Pureblood Magicians. Riley and Kiersten filled in Jack on what was happening with the Alleycats and convinced Ricardo and Nicole to add Jack as an extension of their alliance.

During a live immunity challenge, all the players were offered a chance to drop out of the challenge to win an advantage in the game. Jack dropped out and received idol clues and a Vote Spy. The Vote Spy allowed him to know when any person of his choosing had voted as well as who they had voted for - a great tool to be used when one wants to flip or suspects someone of flipping. He lied to his alliance and only told them about the idol clues, keeping the Vote Spy to himself.

During the reward challenge, the contestants were asked a question about Jenna Lewis’ sex tape. Ricardo accidentally clicked on a link when Googling the question and stumbled across hotcougar69, the game’s 19th player. Hotcougar69 proved to be a controversial character in the game - some people thought she was fun, others thought she was out to get them so she could win the whole game.

After a heated battle, Alex beat out Tyler and won individual immunity. Tyler tried to pitch to his tribe that he was good to keep around because he could beat other threats in immunity whereas AJ was unable to do so. Ultimately, this pitch fell on deaf ears and Tyler was voted out in the third and final unanimous vote of the season.



Trivia Time (Post) - Starting at 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST, a trivia question about Survivor was posted in the chat every 5 minutes. This went on until someone earned 5 points - the first person to do so won immunity. Anyone who still had their feast item started out with 1 point already.

Winner (according to finish): Alex Pippi

Immunity Challenge: Trivia Time
Winner Competitors
Alex S33 AJ S33Jack S33Jake S33Kiersten S33Nicole S33Ricardo S33Riley S33Tyler S33
AJ, Jack, Jake, Kiersten, Nicole, Ricardo, Riley & Tyler

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #9: Meffica Tribe
Tyler S33
Tyler (8 votes)
AJ S33Alex S33Jack S33Jake S33
Kiersten S33Nicole S33Ricardo S33Riley S33
AJ, Alex, Jack, Jake, Kiersten, Nicole, Ricardo & Riley
AJ S33
AJ (1 vote)
Tyler S33
Tyler S33
Tyler Vitrel

Voting Confessionals



It might very likely be me going home tonight but I am becoming a member of this jury. If it is me leaving you have successfully sent two people to jury who will not vote for you in the end. Your pointless lying and the way you treat people will be your downfall no matter how great a game you think you’re playing.


After how you treated us last tribal I can’t let you stay in the game another day.


Sorry, I’m just trying to frebeze out everything messy


You seem like a great guy, but you’re a beast at competitions, and I can’t trust that you’ll always be a number on my side. Best of luck! Xo.


You’re cool, but a little too cool, if you know what I mean.


I’m sorry, you’re a big threat, but a really good person and friend. Best of luck :) <3


You’ve shown that you can’t be trusted.


strictly strategic; you’ve been a huge comp threat since the start and tribal lines can’t excuse that :(


Still in the Running

Alex S33
AJ S33
Jack S33
JC S33
Jillian S33
Kevin S33
Kiersten S33
Riley S33
Sora S33
Andrew S33
Carson S33
Emmon S33
Jake S33
Jaiden S33
Nicole S33
Pippa S33
Ricardo S33
Tyler S33