Siamese Twincest
Sapphire Isles Logo
Season 'Sapphire Isles'
Episode Number 3/12
Episode Chronology
Previous Social Game of a Toaster Oven
Next Deception: Activated

Siamese Twincest is the third episode of Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles.


With the celebration of Maria's departure it became very clear that on both tribes it was new players vs old players.  With Emma in trouble, because of her flipping against the returning players, tribal Immunity was mandatory.

In Selwyn, Owen was fully aware that Greg, Dylan, and Foxx were all in an alliance.  Owen famously said 'I am not here for that' and quickly decided to plot against Greg thinking he was a big threat.  Jack dubbed the three of them 'The Gargoyle alliance'.  Despite not understanding what Jack's fixation with alliance names that involved men and the number five the returning players decided tribal immunity was no longer important.  Owen didn't even try in the challenge and Galladon won their first tribal immunity.

Wan and Micheal quickly became the popular kids on the block as their two votes were desperately needed to draw a line in the sand.  They decided to align with the returning players despite Jack being dubbed 'the player with the social game of a toaster oven' and Owen 'his sidekick Easy Bake Oven'.  Instead of warming their selfs up to Micheal and Wan and being able to decipher the lies Micheal was telling, the three 'Gargoyles' also known as 'GFD' were in a heated debate about how hot they were.  They were pretty sure they would have the numbers going into the vote because their alliance was the sexiest of them all.

Team sexy did not prevail though.  The numbers were not on their side, and even if they were just to be safe Jack played his hidden immunity idol making all votes cast against him void.  Only 3 votes were put towards Jack while the rest all fell on Owen's perceived threat: Greg.

Not taking the blind side well Greg quickly took the Sapphire Isle's tag and proceeded to rant and rave like a crazy man about every single player from the original Selwyn tribe (except of course against Foxx and Dylan) causing a bit of drama.  He even started slinging his wrath towards former cast member Wes and finished his argument with a Sandra gif, which makes no sense because he often said he could never live up to the Sandra standard.


Tribal Immunity

Winner: Galladon

Immunity Challenge:
Finish Tribe Participants
Won Galladon Emma S8Jessica S8Katie S4Michelle S8Nicole S8
Emma, Jessica, Katie, Michelle & Nicole
Lost Selwyn Andrew S8Dylan S8Foxx S8Greg S8Jack S8Mikey S8Owen S8Wan S8
Andrew, Dylan, Foxx, Greg, Jack, Mikey, Owen & Wan

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Greg S8
Greg (5 votes)
Andrew S8Jack S8Mikey S8
Owen S8Wan S8
Andrew, Jack, Mikey, Owen & Wan
Jack S8
Jack (3 votes)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Dylan S8Foxx S8Greg S8
Dylan, Foxx & Greg
(votes not counted)
Voted Out
Greg S8

Voting Confessionals

#VOTE4JACK? No problem


Still In The Running

Danielle S8 bw
Emma S8
Jessica S8
Katie S4
Maria S8 bw
Michelle S8
Nicole S8
Violet S8 bw
Andrew S8
Dylan S8
Foxx S8
Greg S8 bw
Jack S8
Mikey S8
Owen S8
Wan S8


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