Social Game of a Toaster Oven
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Season 'Sapphire Isles'
Episode Number 2/12
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Social Game of a Toaster Oven is the second episode of Tumblr Survivor: Sapphire Isles.


Day 7 and the following days were anything but boring!

To start the events out Michelle and Foxx were sent to exile, where the furry lover began a mad search for the hidden immunity idol not knowing Jack had already found it on his second day of Exile.  An idol was what he wanted and he got one as the official rules were posted, and due to the host's increasing annoyance with her cast's lack of reading comprehension skills a hidden immunity idol was inside the blocks of text.  Foxx quickly found it, but wasn't satisfied with his one idol as he used his hidden immunity idol clues to stumble upon the fake idol Jake had placed the episode earlier.  Believing he had two idols in hand Foxx was thrilled to go back to his tribe to start making deals.

Selwyn being the ultimate tribe of hidden drama found itself in the middle of an argument when they were asked to sit two players out of the immunity challenge.  Jack, having never sat out of an immunity challenge before, refused to sit out on the challenge even though he wasn't getting the best score.  His refusal drove Dylan and Greg absolutely crazy and fueled their desire to blind side him.  The fight resulted in a tribal vote and everyone except Dylan and Greg voted for Owen to sit out of the immunity challenge.  Claiming that the whole tantrum over sitting out was just an act, something this host still doesn't believe for even a minute, Jack and Owen began their plotting against the Dylan, Greg, Foxx threesome.  Despite believing Jack had the 'social game of a toaster oven' Dylan and his alliance had no idea Andrew was feeding information regarding their betrayal to Jack and Owen.

The Immunity challenge offered rewards to Wan, Andrew, Nicole, and Michelle.  The girls took Exile passes not wanting to go to that horrible island, while the men decided to write letters.  Andrew wrote a heart warming letter to Jessica hoping she was safe on her tribe, while Wan just wanted to say hi to Michelle.

Despite all the drama Selwyn won immunity for the third time in a row sending Galladon back to tribal for a second time.  Emma, deciding the alliance of all returning players was not for her, went back to the alliance of new players to hatch a plan.  Wanting to put her hidden immunity idol to work Emma had rocks on the mind knowing her idol would grant her immunity in the event rocks were used in an attempted to dethrone one of the returning players.  Thinking Katie would be an asset in the upcoming challenges the new players decided to cast their votes towards her so she would become immune after a dead lock.  Everything went according to plan as Michelle and Katie became completely immune along with Emma (due to her idol play) leaving Nicole, Jessica, and Maria vulnerable to be eliminated due to the rock draw.  The new players, thinking they had this wrapped up with a 67% chance a returning getting voted off were excited.  They still remained quite excited due to the event (along with Katie who was completely hyped about this despite being betrayed by Emma) despite the fact that new player Maria was sent home because of her white rock.

Tribal Immunity

Winner: Selwyn

Immunity Challenge:
Finish Tribe Participants
Won Selwyn Andrew S8Dylan S8Foxx S8Greg S8Jack S8Mikey S8Owen S8Wan S8
Andrew, Dylan, Foxx, Greg, Jack, Mikey, Owen & Wan
Lost Galladon Emma S8Jessica S8Katie S4Maria S8Michelle S8Nicole S8
Emma, Jessica, Katie, Maria, Michelle & Nicole

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
First Vote Revote
(Katie & Michelle ineligible to vote)
Rock Drawing
(Emma, Katie
& Michelle ineligible to draw
Voter Voted
Voter Castaway Result
Michelle S8
Michelle (3 votes)
Jessica S8Katie S4Nicole S8
Jessica, Katie & Nicole
Michelle S8
Michelle (2 votes)
Jessica S8Nicole S8
Jessica & Nicole
Maria S8
Katie S4
Katie (3 votes)
Emma S8Maria S8Michelle S8
Emma, Maria & Michelle
Katie S4
Katie (2 votes)
Emma S8Maria S8
Emma & Maria
Jessica S8
Emma S8
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
None Nicole S8
Maria S8

Voting Confessionals

Sorry that's how the game works


You're amazing. Sorry if this fucks everything over.


Go Away




No way am I voting out Katie, she's one of the people I trust most and if that's something that eventually sends me home for being on the "wrong side", so be it.


Still In The Running

Danielle S8 bw
Emma S8
Jessica S8
Katie S4
Maria S8 bw
Michelle S8
Nicole S8
Violet S8 bw
Andrew S8
Dylan S8
Foxx S8
Greg S8
Jack S8
Mikey S8
Owen S8
Wan S8