Tribe Profile
Namesake Incan god of death and
ruler of demons
Tribe Type Sacrificial Tribe
Day Formed Episode 1
Rival Tribe(s) Chaska
Tribe Status Single Tribe
Challenge Wins TBA
Lowest Placing Member Jenny Weinstein (24/24)
Highest Placing Member Sara M. (4/24)
Supay Buff

Supay is one of the three competing tribes on Tumblr Survivor: Machu Picchu.

This tribe was composed of four fans and four favorites. While one from each tribes was ranked the highest and the lowest, they were each allowed to choose someone from their original tribes to join them on Supay


Amelia S21 IconBrandon S21 IconCasey S21 IconDom S21 Icon
Dylan S21 IconEthan S21 IconJenny S21 IconSara S21 Icon


  • Supay is the first tribe to go to a Purple Rock Tiebreaker on their first Tribal Council.

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