The Bitch That Betrayed Me
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Season Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands
Episode Number 11
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The Bitch That Betrayed Me is the eleventh episode of Tumblr Survivor: Uncharted Islands. This title was said by Ricardo in his confessionals.

The confessionals for the episode can be found here.


After another shocking blindside, the #reals were coming back to camp satisfied that they’d managed to pull one over on the people who had lied to them. Riley still felt a little caught in the middle - he wanted to still stick with Kiersten since he knew Ricardo and Nicole were close but he wasn’t sure what the best path of action was.

Ricardo won reward and, to repay Jake for saving his alliance, took him on reward. Ricardo didn’t find a map piece but Jake did - unfortunately for him, it was not the correct one to the idol.

Meanwhile, Riley had guessed the correct spot to the idol and had received his phrase to post in order to receive the idol. Since the phrase was a lot less weird than Kiersten and Jack’s, he did it successfully and finally had the idol! Since Riley hadn’t told Nicole and Ricardo about finding the map piece, he didn’t tell them about the idol however he did tell Kiersten since he figured she’d know anyways when he posted a strange phrase.

During the immunity challenge, the #reals worked together to try and ensure that one of them would be able to win immunity. However, this proved futile and Kiersten won the challenge! This allowed her to move one step closer towards her final four plans of herself, Jake, AJ, and Riley aka the final four where she felt she had the best chance of making the end and winning.

Originally, Riley was conflicted and couldn’t figure out a way to vote where all his allies would still be happy. Unfortunately for Riley, Kiersten leaked some messages he had sent her where Nicole was complaining about Kiersten. Nicole found out and began pulling a Hail Mary to try and save herself and Ricardo. Riley became extremely paranoid and even though he was fairly sure he was in the majority, he played his idol. This ended up negating 0 votes - the vote tied 2-2-2 between Nicole, Ricardo, and AJ with Nicole being sent home on the revote.



Pieces of Gold (Post/Results) - Everyone was given 5 pieces of gold that they had to give away to other members on the tribe. They then had to guess how many pieces of gold they were given from their other tribe mates. The person who was closest without going over won.

Winner (according to finish): Ricardo Khardashian

Reward Challenge: Pieces of Gold
Winner Competitors
Ricardo S33 AJ S33Jake S33Kiersten S33Nicole S33Riley S33
AJ, Jake, Kiersten, Nicole, & Riley


Treasure Chests (Post/Results) - Everyone was given 5 treasure chests. Every 30 minutes, each contestant could submit an order they wanted to open the chests. Whoever got the combination correctly first would win.

Winner (according to finish): Kiersten Chomiak

Immunity Challenge: Treasure Chests
Winner Competitors
Kiersten S33 AJ S33Jake S33Nicole S33Ricardo S33Riley S33
AJ, Jake, Nicole, Ricardo,& Riley

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #12: Meffica Tribe
First Vote
(AJ, Nicole, & Ricardo ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Nicole S33
Nicole (2 votes)
Kiersten S33Riley S33
Kiersten & Riley
Nicole S33
Nicole (3 votes)
AJ S33Kiersten S33Riley S33
AJ, Kiersten, & Riley
AJ S33
AJ (2 votes)
Nicole S33Ricardo S33
Nicole & Ricardo
Ricardo S33
Ricardo (2 votes)
AJ S33Jake S33
AJ & Jake
Nicole S33
Nicole Walker

Voting Confessionals

I hope you understand rip


lmao this is such a fucking mess idk what to do


I’m so sorry about this and it’s such a shitty situation but I can’t put my game on the line for someone else. I hope you don’t hate me forever.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Hopefully the plan works this time; I don’t like hearing people talk shit about me behind my back. Kisses, sweaty. -Kiersten “I swear I don’t have an idol” Chomiak. (PS: I actually do!!!) Xo.


Bye Ricki! It was fun while it lasted!


I love you and this isn’t personal, but when you come after me instead of coming to talk to me, that says a lot, and honestly I’ve been through too much stress in the last 24 hours to be able to deal with it.


ilysm this sucks ass fuck but I don’t want to get fucked I’m so sorry I love you don’t hate me




Sorry sweaty. It was nice playing with you. #LastGirlsStanding Xo.


Still in the Running

Alex S33
AJ S33
Jack S33
JC S33
Jillian S33
Kevin S33
Kiersten S33
Riley S33
Sora S33
Andrew S33
Carson S33
Emmon S33
Jake S33
Jaiden S33
Nicole S33
Pippa S33
Ricardo S33
Tyler S33