The Core Four and Samrah
Adam S4Benji S4Casey S4
Elizabeth S4Samrah S4
Season Panama
Founder Adam
Members Remained Loyal:
Adam (Day 27-54)
Benji (Day 27-56)
Casey (Day 27-56)
Elizabeth (Day 27-49)
Samrah (Day 27-44)
Nobody (Day 27-23)
IDK (Day 7-23)
Day Formed Day 27
Enemies The New La Mina Alliance
Lowest Placing Member Samrah (10/24)
Highest Placing Member Casey (Winner)

The Core Four and Samrah was an alliance created by Adam and Casey after the tribe-swap in Tumblr Survivor: Panama.


When the newly swapped Casaya had to attend their first tribal council, the seeds were planted to form a new majority alliance once the tribe unanimously voted off Jacob. Adam and Casey formed the alliance consisting of themselves, Adam's main ally from Bayoneta, Benji, Casey's main ally from Viveros, Elizabeth, and Adam's friend from La Mina, Samrah. The alliance stuck together up until three of its members were eliminated in a row, at which point Benji and Casey ventured off to find a new alliance. They ended up sticking together and on Day 56 formed an alliance with Hanne and Wes entitled Ditch the Snitch.


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