The Cosgrovers
Season Bonin Islands
Founder Torsa
Chris Warwick
Members Remained Loyal:
Jonathan (Day 1-75)
Torsa (Day 1-75)
Chris Warwick (Day 1-75)
Day Formed Day 1
Enemies Shaelyn Keeley
Tony James
Jules Weisman
Hadar Gendelman
Lowest Placing Member Jonathan (2nd Runner Up)
Highest Placing Member Torsa (Winner)

The Cosgrovers was an alliance created by Jonathan, Torsa and Chris Warwick in Tumblr Survivor: Bonin Islands.



  • All 3 members of this alliance made Final Tribal Council.
    • Torsa received 5 votes, Chris received 4 votes and Jonathan received none.
  • Most people knew about the alliance, but didn't do much to get rid of the members.

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