The Hottest Tribe to Ever Exist
Season Tumblr Survivor: Spain
Episode Number 2/15
Episode Chronology
Previous I Hope She’s Not a Flake
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The Hottest Tribe to Ever Exist is the second episode of Tumblr Survivor: Spain.


At Derrota, the solid twosome of Heather and Anabelle decided to stray from Paige and make another solid three with Murphy, The Pizza Players. Murphy suggested bringing his alliance with Garrett together with The Pizza Players, but Heather worried about Garrett due to hearing he originally didn’t want her in his main alliance. Fraser continued to unknowingly be at the bottom of the Derrota tribe.

At Varados, The Fearsome Threesome (Teddy, Sarah, Tim) were wavering between bringing in Van or Tyler as their fourth alliance member.

Derrota caught some flack from the other tribes for having been labelled by the audience as the hottest tribe in Tumblr Survivor history.

Derrota won Reward and a visit from 4-time player Ryan Teddy the Bushman. They sent Jess and Tyler to Exile Island, where they were given treemail.

You have both arrived on Exile Island. Waiting for you both is a comfortable rock to sleep on, flint, a machete and pot, and a fishing spear to catch food. But there’s one other thing, a note. It reads:
“Ser generoso, o ser egoísta. To be selfless, or to be selfish. You each must pick, share or steal. If both choose share, both are rewarded. If both choose steal, neither receives. But if one chooses share, and the other chooses steal, the stealer will reap both people’s rewards, while the generous one is left with nothing.”
Each of you will privately message Sam or Benji “I choose to SHARE” or “I choose to STEAL” by the given due date. After this is done, you will find out what you have won, or what you have lost.

–Exile Island Treemail

The two decided to share the idol clues. Both of them got clues.

Varados privately teased Jessica for posting her Reward score with her tribe chat in the screenshot, and for her etiquette on Exile Island.

Empeno and Derrota won Immunity at Survivor Jeopardy, although it was revealed after the challenge the Van was a sock puppet, and she was immediately removed from the game. Tribal Council was cancelled, meaning someone was saved from being blindsided by the Fearsome Threesome.



The tribes played GeoGuesser for the Reward Challenge. The winning tribe would receive a visit from past player Ryan Teddy to teach them the ins and outs of playing Tumblr Survivor. The winning tribe would also select a member from each of the losing tribes to go to Exile Island.
Winner: Derrota (Derrota chose to send Jess and Tyler to Exile Island)

Reward Challenge: GeoGuesser
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit-Outs
Won Derrota Anabelle S16Garrett S16Heather S16Murphy S16Paige S16
Anabelle, Garrett, Heather, Murphy & Paige
Fraser S16
Lost Varados Melody S16Sarah S16Teddy S16Tyler S16Van S16
Melody, Sarah, Teddy, Tyler & Van
Tim S16
Empeño Adam S16Alisha S16Jess S16Mitchell S16Stephen S16
Adam, Alisha, Jess, Mitchell & Stephen


Each tribe would elect two representatives to compete in Survivor themed Jeopardy. One rep. would compete in the first round of Jeopardy, the other in the Double Jeopardy round, and the teammates would work together on Final Jeopardy. The two tribes with the highest scores would win Immunity.
Winners (according to finish): Empeño and Derrota

Immunity Challenge: Survivor Jeopardy
Finish Tribe Representatives Sit-Outs
1st Empeño Alisha S16Stephen S16
Alisha & Stephen
Adam S16Jess S16Mitchell S16
Adam, Jess & Mitchell
2nd Derrota Heather S16Murphy S16
Heather & Murphy
Anabelle S16Fraser S16Garrett S16Paige S16
Anabelle, Fraser, Garrett & Paige
3rd Varados Sarah S16Teddy S16
Sarah & Teddy
Melody S16Tim S16Tyler S16Van S16
Melody, Tim, Tyler & Van

Tribal Council

Tribal Council was cancelled after Van was removed from the game when it was discovered she was a sockpuppet of Kathleen Satonaka.

Removed from Camp
Van S16 bw

Still in the Running

Derrota Empeño Varados
Anabelle S16
Fraser S16
Garrett S16
Adam S16
Alisha S16
Jackie S16 bw
Melody S16
Sarah S16
Teddy S16
Heather S16
Murphy S16
Paige S16
Jess S16
Mitchell S16
Stephen S16
Tim S16
Tyler S16
Van S16 bw