The Trivia Study Sesh
Jessie S10Mary S10MJ S10
Season Maluku
Members Remained Loyal:
Jessie (Day 3-24)
MJ (Day 3-36)
Mary (Day 3-42)
The Slayers (Day 3-15)
Day Formed Day 3
Enemies The #Fakes
Lowest Placing Member Jessie (14/22)
Highest Placing Member Mary (8/22)

The Trivia Study Sesh was an alliance on Tumblr Survivor: Maluku.


Ok. So basically this alliance dominated original Morotai with Mary and Jessie being very strong social and strategic game play along with MJ's challenge strength making them all very valuable players on Morotai. The Sesh was separated and Mary and MJ were on NuMorotai together, while Jessie went to NuWatubela. Anyways, Mary and MJ slayed NuMorotai and Jessie slayed NuTwatubela, but then Jessie got voted out and then it just went downhill from there and just tbh The Fall of The Trivia Sesh is the most iconic Maluku storyline.

Future Seasons

  • Mary returned for Galapagos and made it to FTC, but places 2nd.
  • MJ returned for Okinawa and placed 3rd, cut right before FTC, unfortunately. He returned 7 seasons later to compete in Olympics, where he won the title of Sole Survivor.
  • Jessie returned for Matsu Islands where she placed 6th.


  • One time MJ fell asleep on call. He snores. It was adorable.
  • Each member of the Trivia Sesh has been on a purple tribe in separate seasons.
  • Although we are the Trivia Study Sesh, we've never won Survivor Jeopardy. Sometime's because Mary doesn't wager enough, sometimes because Mary's tribe throws the challenge, and sometimes because MJ's sound isn't working so he isn't allowed to answer questions.
  • Jessie is consistently the lowest placing TSS member.